Monday, December 29, 2014

Crop top of Christmas Present

There are the girls that wear lace crop tops with sequin tanks to family Christmas and then there are those that don't. I am one of the former.

In fact, the only times I have ever come to family holidays in my pajamas were any given year before the age of 15 and then the hungover Thanksgiving debacle of 2012. I had crawled into my bedroom window a mere four hours before after a particularly wild night so to get dressed at all was nothing short of a miracle. Lets not get into that.

I chose to go boldly into the world of sparkling adornment because, well... 1.) it is Christmas but most importantly 2.) it was Thursday and I like to wear whatever I please. My straight size sister didn't seem to appreciate my choice and laughed at the crop top idea all together. Although she sat there judgy in her sweatshirt and lounge pants, usually she has pretty good taste. I couldn't help but wonder how she hadn't heard of the miracle of crop tops! This is fat girl freedom, y'all! Had she not felt the Earth change when the first fat girl put on a crop top and felt fabulous?

Crop top in question: Monif C "Gissel" Scallop Lace Crop
It made me think about the differences between straight size and plus size fashion. The trends are different, the feel is different and the attitude is different. As a fat girl, I finally got the (lady) balls to put on something that was previously reserved for the thin girls. I wasn't the first, plenty more had way more guts than I did way before I did. Perhaps our new found freedom inspires our trends more so than the straight size lines and you know what? I love that.

That new freedom is what drives our "feel" and our "attitude". I'll happily take a laugh here and there about my outfit if it means I feel great about putting on whatever I please without worrying about the rules! The plan is to wear that same crop top for our nice dinner out on New Years Eve with a jumpsuit (yet another former rule breaker). This is fat girl freedom and I plan to #werk it!