Monday, January 12, 2015

Rebdolls Review

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One of my favorite things to do is search for new plus size brands. One brand that I have had my eye on for a while is Rebdolls. It was previously Custom Plus, but as they have added a more broad range of styles, they have also added a straight size selection.

They certainly have an edgy and urban vibe so one day when I was feeling like I needed a little boost in my badassary, I ordered my two favorite items from the line. First, lets talk about how amazing it is that a company has made an effort to include all sizes 0-28. (ModCloth also gets a shout out on this!) Second, let us acknowledge the kinds of clothing they offer for their plus size ladies. No longer do we only have to select from dresses that look like Grandma's 70s couch pattern, or the curtains our mother's may or may not have sewn for the house. (Sorry Mom.. those half rooster/half plaid shorts just weren't on fleek either.)

Rebdolls Hella Dope T-Shirt

One of the best parts of this site is the customization. Most of the tops come with options since it is (Im assuming) just screen printing. You can pick a neckline, you can pick crop or t-shirt, and you can pick color on most styles. I was feeling brave so I picked two casual items I rarely invest in.

The crop top has been washed once (and hung dry) and didnt seem to hold up so well. I feel like a few more washes and its really going to show some age. The sweatshirt... ohhh the sweatshirt. I really havent worn a sweatshirt in years, but I wanted one. I dont know why I wanted one, guys. I just did. As you can see, it is definitely not the most flattering choice. I'll let the picture speak for itself. The crop top is certainly my favorite of the two in terms of fit, but the graphic on the sweatshirt. is. spectacular. It is just a screen-print on a generic unisex sweatshirt so the fit is awful. They suggested sizing down, but I ordered my usual 3x and it fits where it hits my hips perfectly, but up top Im just lacking the ladies to fill it out.

I do have to say, with all the pros, they left me with a quite a bit more to desire. I would only buy from this company during sales and only because they offer something that you cant get anywhere else. I hate to say it, but Im just not a Rebdolls fan.

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