Friday, May 15, 2015

Dia&Co Box: May

Link to the box:
I did a post pretty early on about this personal shopping/stylist company that I found out about during its beta testing. As I sit here with my shirt inside out, Im going to do a little info post on what came in my box this month. An unboxing in photo form if you will. Guys, I know I keep saying it, but I'm working on videos. Waiting on that editing software! I think that will be a fun format. I digress...

I hate to start this series off with this month's box, because I just wasn't feeling any of the options they sent. This could be for a few reasons:

1.) They just got this box wrong (for the first time ever).
2.) I'm a Grumpy Guss and hate all things bright.
3.) I'm not as creative as I should/could be with outfits. 

I'm going to go with options 2 & 3 (mostly 2). Bright colors remind me of Lilly Pulitzer and I loath that style. I don't even know why it offends me so much, there must be a childhood Lilly Trauma. I'm certainly a more neutral to dark kind of girl. It fits my personality, it looks more polished, it is more professional so I have more options for the office, I could go on for hours. When I get a box full of bright colors, I go into cat mode and open the box and jump back only to sloooowwwlly move forward to peak inside. (pics after the jump)

Here we are looking at the blue pants. The black top is an old Torrid swimsuit cover up that I currently am wearing inside out because I'm a bad adult and cant dress myself. These are a size 24 and fit everywhere ... except for zipping. They buttoned though! I'm sure if I worked hard enough, they would have zipped too, but I wasn't having any of that. They are comfortable aside from being a bit snug. They are denim, they have back pockets and I would have considered keeping them if they were a size up. 

I cant control my face and I apologize for that. Shirts that are banded at the bottom are the bane of my existence. I'm simply not built for how they are made, the band is always stretched to what could very well be the end of their little band lives and the tops are too flowy. This top comes with the attached camisole, which is convenient, but also takes me two hours to get on or off. I'm usually sitting in a corner crying somewhere by the end of the whole ordeal. 

Well, here is this one. You can see that the pants are too small with this top. I dont have much nice to say about this top on my body. It would have looked much nicer with pants that fit, I can say that for sure. 

This was my favorite of the tops. I think it would look amazing on a deeper skin tone. I decided not to keep it, because I just didnt loooove it and thats my new shopping rule. If I dont love it, I'll never wear it again so I cant buy it. The back is really what makes this top great. It has that cool texture to it but be careful because it has no stretch. 

A new feature this month was jewelry. This piece was too small for my neck, but it is probably my favorite thing in the box. 

The total for all the items in my box was (as it usually is) $200. Of course, you only keep what you want and your $20 styling fee goes towards your purchase. Check out my last post for the details on how it works. This time I'm sending everything back but this is the first time in what has to be at least six months. The "dias" are the nicest and most competent women on the planet so I have no doubt that after my feedback this month that there will surely be something exciting next month.