Friday, May 20, 2016

(Not So) Fat Shaming

I posted a quick little video of Amy Schumer's video on Facebook the other day where she shows the struggle of shopping as a fat woman. People lost their minds over this video. It comes after she was recently upset when she was regarded as a plus celebrity in a high profile magazine which also had some feathers ruffled in the plus community.

I'm actually on a different side of the fence on this one than a lot of the major plus bloggers- shocking that I disagree with someone, I know. Lets not forget what is important here- she is fat in her world. Sure, shes not my size 24 and I definitely have some struggles she doesn't (like not having a million dollars), but in a world of 2s and 4s shes experiencing what it is like to be a fat girl. 

We are going to have to accept the fact that plus size is the new money maker. The advertising and entertainment industry has figured out who has the money to spend and they are going to take full advantage of that. There will be non-plus or skinny plus women taking the "plus size checks" without wanting to be labeled plus size. We cannot downplay someone elses struggle because we dont like that. 

We cannot become the people that alienated us. As plus women we know what it is like to be shunned and treated as less than so why, when another woman is turned away by the straight size community would we not welcome her and treat her like we wished someone had for us? Is it because she said it is absurd she is considered plus size? It is absurd that only four sizes arent considered plus in the fashion industry. 

Is Amy Schumer as fat as I am? No. Is she fatter than some. Yes. That is how life works. Not one persons struggle is the same so please dont expect that she doesnt experience some of the same things you do. Her weight is constantly criticized up in a very public forum, Id say thats a part of being fat that Im glad I dont have to deal with. 

Instead of spending time debating if shes fat enough, why dont we start holding society accountable for what it has done to our collective body image? Amy Schumer is just a symptom of a much larger illness that has yet to be cured. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Retro Fabulous

Before I get into the personal catch up portion of this post, let's get the good stuff out of the way! This. Mother Lovin' tunic!!

Asos consistently blows my mind. Like, quantum physics seems like an obtainable concept to grasp when I compare the two. The price point, the level of style and the quality are all exactly where I need them and I'm pretty hard to please from what I hear. Looking at you ex boyfriends.  If you're not on the boat, get on. You'll be happy. Just get on a smaller size boat than youd usually get on because they run big. (I'm not even mad about that) 

For casual days I am all for a great tunic and leggings. Seriously, if I don't have to wear real pants I just won't. The key to not looking like I don't like real pants is to balance them with something a little more chic. Heels and the belt really kicked the look up another notch. It took it from retro boho (the tunic is rather flowy and open in the front) to pulled together real quick.

Tunic: 24 at asos
Leggings: 3 at torrid

Now, on to the personal side...