Monday, November 30, 2015

Holiday Party Picks

Holiday dress season is probably one of my favorites. I am a dress up kind of girl and any excuse I can find to really glam it up is a good excuse. I'd almost get dressed up and run into the gas station and be like, "oh this? I'm just on my way to a party" and then get in my car and go home and sit in the dress drinking champagne and watching Netflix.

I gave you the Holiday dress code breakdown a couple weeks ago, so you can know what youre dressing for. Most of these dresses fall into the formal to cocktail party category, which is what most holiday parties are for us normal folks, but I threw a couple full on gowns into the mix for those that are lucky enough to go somewhere other than the gas station in their pretties. Not to mention, it was extra fun getting to fantasy shop them.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Move It

I posted an article on Facebook a few days ago that was a study about how fat people react to fat shaming. Does it really help them lose weight? Turns out, no. I guess we could have all just taken the fat person's word for it years ago, but millions of dollars in science later we have something society values more than the words of a fat person. A study. Ok, so if you didnt gather, the sarcasm is heavy today and I apologize in advance.

A couple of women commented on that article with stories about how when they are shamed about being fat they turn to food to feel better or even to fight back. I do the same thing. I certainly never say, you know what- great point. Im going to go hop on that treadmill. Exercise doesnt feel good. In fact, it feels terrible for me. Not because it hurts or I'm out of breath but because it brings up emotions I've stuffed down with food for so long. You know how in the Biggest Loser they all cry and lose their minds on the stationary bike? Yeah, thats exactly what it looks like when I work out. No really, there is crying, there is cussing and a lot of self hate. The kicker is, I never hated myself until someone told me I should.

You know what I've always hated about exercise? Its always felt like it was about someone else.
Since I was little all I've ever heard was how I needed to lose weight. My dad even literally bribed me with a pony. As ridiculously upper class as that seems, we lived on a ton of land. A pony wasn't the riding boots and gate jumping spectacle you might imagine. I start working out because I feel like I have to change for others and then every horrible thing people have said to me about my weight, the horrible things I've said to myself about my weight, all come boiling up. The pain I was shoving down all comes to the surface and I feel it all over again.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Monif C Experience

You know I mentioned that I had recently lost my job, well a few days after, the male and I decided that we were definitely going to be separating. We just werent making a good team. Soon after, I saw that Monif C was going to be in Houston this past weekend so I decided the best way to get through a breakup/job loss/complete life start-over was to drive the four hours to go shop her collection and hole up in a hotel room for two days with champagne, Storage Wars and room service. I posted this on my personal Facebook page Sunday:
In today's episode of "What has Elle Gotten Herself Into": I'm going through some life changes right now (aka, practically starting completely over) and am a bit restless. I saw my favorite designer was coming to Houston so I bought a ticket, booked a room and drove down for the weekend to shop the collection. Well I arrived and it turns out it was a model search too so I had to audition in order to get to the "clothes experience"! I was like, well... I really want that dress. So I walked and posed in front of one of the top plus size designers just so I could buy the dress I wanted. It will forever be my favorite dress. Here is to starting over and stepping out of comfort zones for amazing dresses.

Thats essentially how it happened, I just wanted to elaborate on it a bit.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Deciphering Dress Codes

So it's Holiday party season. My old firm used to throw huge, themed formal parties like Casino Night and spend tens of thousands. My last firm? Well, they usually took me to the conference room, give me a list of things I can improve on and then hand me a bonus check. It was a confusing meeting.

Needless to say, I've been to quite the range and have had to decipher invitations with words like "casual elegant" or "soiree". The traditional formal invitations and clear expectations have gone by the wayside leaving Facebook invites and more questions than answers.  Hint: if there is a Facebook invite there should never be a tie. I put together a list of the terms I see most for you. Let me know if there are any I still haven't covered!

If you need to know where to find formal wear, look here

White Tie
This is the ultra luxe of parties. Think high government or celebrity parties. If you're going to one of these, feel free to send me an invite! #lifegoals. Tux for men and floor length evening gowns for women. Glam it up with statement jewelry and quality shoes. 

Black Tie 
Slightly less formal than white tie, but still very formal. In addition to tuxedos and floor length gowns you can sneak in a very nice suit (suit and tux are different), shorter gowns and even some dressy little black dresses.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall Re-Style

I'm trying for a #noshopnovember (not off to a great start. Not even two weeks in and I'm dying) so I'm restyling things I've already styled. This white maxi shirt from Rebdolls was a summer fave of mine so I took it and warmed it up. You can see the Summer version here

I want to give a shout out (what is this, a radio call in from the 90s?) to Veronica from @veronicabesseyhair for the pictures. We are working on a collab in the future so get excited! She has an impressive resume including having been a national educator in the hair industry, a NY Fashion Week stylist, shes a brand ambassador for TIGI and more! I'm super excited to work with her to fully round out the full look presented to you. If youre in the Dallas area, she has a salon you may want to check out! 

Lets see, lets see... what else is going on? Well... I'll be heading to Houston this weekend to a meet and greet and pop up shop with Monif C. Definitely going to get some shopping in. Thats about a 4 hour drive, so I'm a little excited about the solo journey. Do you ever have those days when life is just kinda going a bit rough and youre driving in the car and think to yourself- I could just keep driving. I could just drive and drive and leave this all behind to become a grifter that lives on a beach somewhere and never have to shave my legs (and other things) ever again. Friday is going to be the day I get to drive and drive and leave it all behind (even if only for a weekend). The fact that I'll get to be doing what I love while I'm down there only makes it more exciting! Can't wait to share pics with you!

Outfit details:
White top: Rebdolls- size 3x
Shoes: Lane Bryant (last season)
Leggings: Torrid- size 4
Jacket: Modamix from Dia&Co- size 3x
Scarf- Torrid last season.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall For Maxi

Im going to start this off with, I know some of these dresses look atrocious- like (and sorry, Granny, for calling you out) the moo moos my Granny used to wear could have been in this line up if you just laid them flat. I promise they look much better on a body! A lot of them will even look even better on a fuller body than the model has. I also promise that if you put one on you wont age 60 years and start asking people to give you "some sugars". The southerners may be the only ones that laugh at that- but its because real old people always ask for "some sugars" when they want hugs and kisses. Maybe it was just my Granny...

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Chicken & Waffles

You know the days you feel like Chicken and Waffles but also like challenging some fat girl stereotypes? This is the perfect outfit. Roomy joggers to make room for food and 3 carafes of mimosas and a see through lace crop top to show whatchur workin with! It's a lot. I've got a lot to work. 

Top is F2F size 3x, pants are Asos Curve size 24 and shoes are Lane Bryant size 8- but kinda big.