Friday, February 27, 2015

Tips On Going Casual & Bonus OOTD

I posted a picture on Instagram this past weekend of me crawling out of some leaves. I felt like I was in Narnia! We had gone out to my old family home in the country to have some crawfish soup with my parents and I tell ya- I'm out of practice when it comes to playing in the dirt and leaves.

I have had this post in the "pipeline" for a little while, and couldnt decide which outfit I wanted to use for it so I decided to do a little impromptu photo shoot Saturday to just give an example of how I do casual. Most of the items Im wearing are a bit older and have sold out, but if you want links to similar or details on the look- let me know in the comments!
Fun fact: My boyfriend/photographer is over 14" taller than I am so if it seems like all my pictures are looking down on me, they really are! 

Here are some of the tips and tricks I've learned so far to do casual but cute.

-If you're going with a t-shirt, make sure it has shape. I'm simply not built like a man, if I buy a 3x in a t-shirt that was made for a man, it is snug at my hips and way too big in the chest. I know to make sure to buy a shirt that is made with a woman's shape in mind. Fitted is great, but not mandatory. You can do a cool graphic or a slouchy top as long as you balance it with your bottoms.

Example: No T-shirts here (I struggle with the t-shirt game) but I did go with a casual tank that was more fitted in the chest and flowy around my hips and tummy. I was going to eat a lot, so I knew flowy was the way to go!

-People will look at you and make a decision within mere seconds of whether they like you or not. Give them something to focus on, something that adds interest. I haven't always been an accessories kind of girl, but Im growing into them. A statement hat, sunglasses, pop of color, interesting shoes or cool necklace can pull a look together without taking a lot of fuss. It can be the difference between looking thrown together and put together.

Example: Since I was just going to visit family, there wasn't much need for accessories so I chose a top with an interesting hemline.

- Balance your outfit. I'm not talking about a full on matching outfit printed in pool balls or palm leaves (you know the ones I'm talking about)- just a fair balance of shape and interest. For example, if you're in a slouchy top, something more fitted on bottom will balance it nicely. If you want to go full slouch, add structure somewhere (maybe a belt) to avoid the homeless look.

Example: I have on the flowy top with a more fitted pair of jeans, but to help balance how wide the shirt makes the hips I put on a cardigan in a darker color to draw eyes up.

-Add layers to add interest. Careful with this one to not add bulk, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Ive always been a layer girl but I know some arent keen because they also add warmth when you dont really want it. A simple tank under a t-shirt adds a little something interesting to an otherwise simple look.

Example: You can see that I have a floral tank on under the more sheer green tank above. This gives coverage for when you cant show your boobs off at dad's house but it gives that little extra detail to the outfit to show that some thought was put in.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Let's Talk Self Love

There are at least two types of self love, but we are going to focus on the less scandalous version today. Know that phrase, "easier said than done"? Self love is the epitome of that. As much as it seems like it sometimes, this is not a problem limited to fat girls. Women of all sizes battle with their appearance or personality traits that seem less than ideal and though it may be less prevalent in men, they do it too.

Self love is a humanity issue. Understanding that is the first step towards being kinder to yourself. You are not the only one facing it so that lonely feeling can feel a little lighter. You arent the only fat girl; there are millions of resources on how to lose weight. You arent the only girl with small breasts; augmentations are one of the most popular types of surgery. You arent the only girl with dark facial hair; waxing salons and laser hair removal are on every corner. Find solace in the fact that in a world of billions, you will never be alone in any "imperfection."

Actively pursue things that make you happy. When you know what you like and you make sure to treat yourself to those things occasionally you start to realize that you are worth being happy. It is easy to not do. Sometimes money is tight, sometimes family or a busy schedule take priority or even something just being new and scary can prevent it. Don't let those things stop you. Learn to say no to things you dont like and say yes to what you do. When you know yourself and set boundaries,  you empower yourself.

My biggest issue with learning to love myself was that I had put too much weight on other people's opinions of me for too long. I wanted so badly for everyone to like me that I did everything in my power to make them happy. When I realized it wasn't working, I was very angry towards myself and others. Turns out I was putting work into the wrong person. I mentioned in one of my past talks about how everyone has an opinion. It took a long time to really start believing that their opinion didnt matter so long as I was happy and wasnt hurting anyone. People will always have something to say and a lot of what they have something to say about will be none of their damn business. Realize that you hold your own happiness and nobody can take that away without you letting them.

I wont sit here and say once you reach this point, you'll never be hurt by any of it again, because that's simply not true. Words do hurt and it will still sting when someone hits a sore spot- but having the right thought process after is what counts. I always ask myself first if what they said reflects more about themselves than it ever had to do with me. Are they just having a bad day?  Next I think about if what they said was worth being upset about. Will the world crumble if I have a little bit of a mustache? No.  Finally I ask myself if I took that one trait away, would I be perfect? Absolutely not. Sorry, Beyonce, not even you are truly flawless. When you practice putting things in perspective, it will eventually come naturally.

Self love is a pretty complex idea. It is a weird balance of standing up for yourself and not feeling the need to stand up for yourself. I think it is truly one of the hardest things for us humans to figure out so if you have good days and bad days, thats okay as long as youre moving in the right direction.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Where to find: Plus size formal wear

We all grew up with the Disney princess ball gown hopes and dreams, but let's be honest... that old lady would have never tricked me into eating a poisonous apple. Maybe some poisoned cake or a burrito.

When I went shopping for prom back in high school, my Disney dreams died. Since then, the market for plus size formal wear has gotten a bit larger but it is still incredibly hard to find something that doesn't make you look like a foil wrapped baked potato. (Hello? Senior year prom dress? Yes... kindly burn yourself, thank you.) Thank goodness I have no more proms to attend, but occasionally a ball or formal party will present itself. Here are some of the best options I have found.

Online Options:

Tadashi Shoji
Sizes 0-24
Price Range: $$$$

Oh man, this designer just gets it. The plus size range isnt quite as large as the straight size, but they deliver some serious stunners. They gather in the right places, they lay the right way, they are made with a plus size body in mind and for a designer thats main focus is straight sizes, that is amazing.

Sizes 12-32
Price Range: $$

Igigi has more than just dresses and most of the dresses they do have are a bit more casual than a typical formal dress but they tend to keep a few great cocktail dress options around. They focus on only the plus size ladies and have a pretty extended size range. 

Davids Bridal
Sizes 0-26
Price Range: $

David's bridal has really stepped up their dress game for prom. I looked up a few of their dresses and they only go up to a size 22, but I've personally seen dresses up to a 26 in store. Keep in mind that dress sizing is crazy! Try them on even if its not your size because you never know what might work. Im a true 24 in most dresses and I was fitting into some 18s there. Best part? So budget friendly!

Sizes 14-44
Price Range: $$

With options of under $100- $500 you have a pretty good range here. These are prom to the death, too! Sparkles and ruffles everywhere.

Group USA
Sizes 0-20
Price Range $

The site doesn't show much in the way of plus size dresses, but I know they have them in store. My very first prom dress came from Group USA and I was pretttty adorable in my pink and white polka dot dress with a corset style back.

Sizes 10-32
Price range: $$

Similar to IGIGI, the dresses aren't all made for prom, but there a few that can be worthy! If you like sleeves, this is your place! Most, if not all, of their formal dresses have half sleeves in opaque fabric or lace.

Sizes 10-28
Price range: $

Asos usually has a few options for a reasonable price. Asos runs big, so keep that in mind. Ive bought several in size 24 that fit perfectly when Im a solid 26 on bottom.

You can always check your usual department stores, JcPenney, Macy's, Dillards and Nordstrom usually always carry a small selection of plus size formal dresses. Though the selection is small, you have the option to try on. There may also be a few little boutiques in your area that sell formal wear, so make sure to do a little searching! If youre in the Dallas area, Terry Costa is a great option.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Style Capture: Suki Waterhouse

 So my cousin, who is also my best friend and blog picture taker extraordinaire sent me the top picture from Glamour Magazine with a quote of: "Can we plus this up?" Why, yes ma'am we sure can! Ive always been a fan of the glam suit and I'm preetttttyyy stoked its coming back! The trick with these bad boys is the fit. Don't be afraid to tailor if the fit is too boxy. I also like the super cleavage to fem it up a bit. Super cleave is up to you- but I wouldnt suggest it for the office.

I found all of the clothes in this re-do at Lane Bryant (because... of course) and the shoes are actually a Target find. Links below.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

What's In My Purse?

I thought it would be fun to switch it up today! Every woman knows that the purse is a black hole for anything that may enter. The bigger the purse the more instances of searching for your keys in six different rooms before ultimately finding them in your purse even though you swear you just looked in that pocket! Ive won many games at baby showers for having the most outrageous items in my purse. I like to think of it as being prepared; I was a Girl Scout, what can I say?

Here is a look at everything that's made it into the bag in the two months that I've had it. Honestly, it isnt nearly as bad as I thought. Im pretty sure I pulled both a fork and a mini liquor bottle out of it a week ago.
Here is what you see:
-D&G La Lune perfume
-My belt
- Michael's coupon (I've been scrapbooking)
-Debit Card & Credit Card
-Hair stylist's card
-Kendra Scott wristlet (and dust bag)
-Dooney & Bourke wallet
-2 phone chargers
-a pen
-a tampon (very important!)
-Dove deodorant
-the ridiculously expensive eye drops I was tricked into buying by the dr!
-my lease renewal letter

What is the craziest thing in your purse?
Show me what is in your purse on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I cant wait to see what you've got!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sweet Spring Dresses Under $50

I posted on Facebook the other day about how I was so mad at myself last year around this time for not having more flowy casual options for girls brunch on Sundays. Listen guys, when I say brunch I don't mean stuffy eggs somewhere I cant pronounce. We are usually on a patio or rock pit with picnic tables eating chicken and waffles and drinking a lot of mimosas.

We would leave early when it was cool and I was in jeans then as the drinks flowed and the sun came out I was always too hot. Since then I have been dreaming about what I would wear when it finally got nice again outside. Answer: maxi skirts and flowy dresses.  I put together a little wish list of dresses for myself and I wanted to share it with you. Links below.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Plus Size Fashion Haul

I have talked about this Lane Bryant sale for about nineteen weeks now. Okay, maybe two... but I bet it feels like forever to you! When I posted a picture on Instagram, lots of people had questions about each item, so I wanted to show you everything (links included) I bought plus some items I picked up with my Haute Cash from Torrid.

Here is everything spread all over my dining room table. I told the male we would have to get a bigger table so I could buy more things and he was not impressed with the idea. He probably also had something smart to say about how I wasn't tall enough to even reach the one we have now, but he didn't say it out loud.

First up, this bullet pendant from Torrid. It is hard to tell from the picture, but the white part is Gemstone.
From Torrid's site:
Oh, go ahead and bite the bullet. You deserve this long and edgy necklace. It's a simple silver tone chain that's a simple statement maker. A large crystal-inspired gemstone shaped like a bullet makes this a stand-out accessory.
Im usually not a jewelry girl, so I'm easing myself in here. This is something simple I can pair with just about anything. Baby steps. 

This drapey necklace was calling my name because I bought a similar style body chain in gold from Torrid and love it. When I dont feel like wearing chains all over my upper body (insert 50 Shades of Grey joke here)- I can just switch it out for a smaller piece.

From Torrid's site:
"Sparkle all night long in this dazzling beauty. It's a silver-tone necklace with layers of simple elegance."
Perhaps a little over zealous with the descriptions, Torrid but its a nice addition.

Belts. Ohhh how I love thee. I'm smallest at my waist, so a belt there really helps tighten things up a bit. I also wont lie and say I dont love how they feel like a constant hug. This little guy is noisy with its little links, but once you put it on you cant even tell. It's almost as if he is telling you to wear him!

From Torrid's site:
"Chic and sleek, this sexy black stretch belt has a gold tone bar in the middle of black faux leather sides and has a two-snap back closure."

The faux leather sides they are talking about are small. It is mostly a stretchy belt. I wore this is my Lingerie inspired Girls Night Out-fit . I believe mine is a size 2. There is also a black one I would love to have- maybe next time Haute Cash... maybe next time!

Have I mentioned my love for leggings before? Because I am in love with them. The male doesnt mind them much either. They are my go-to for lounging around the house and I am not afraid to wander the public Earth in them. I will say this is my first grey pair and Im definitely going to have to do the "dent test" before wearing them in public. Oh and Im going to have to switch them out for size 3s. I dont know what happened when I grabbed the 2- I just wasnt thinking.Or the clean eating has got me thinking positive. Link for leggings here.

This picture doesnt do these shoes much justice. I did wear them out one night and they are showing just a little wear where the suede (?) has rubbed the pavement. Lucky for you they have a patent option as well in this hot cobalt color. Look here for that. They are wide width and super comfy. I may have even been able to size down and gotten away with it on both these and the shoes below.

I don't see these shoes on the site anymore, but they are great! Here is a similar option. I definitely should have sized down in these since the side is open. They fit, but sometimes they feel a bit loose and it is going to take a lot of concentration to overcome my clumsy nature. 

The final pair of shoes is a pair of hot heels. Seriously... uggghhhh. Imagine that noise in the sexiest way possible, if you can. Anyway... so these heels. Much hot. Such chic. 10/10 do recommend. How many more meme references can I make? Don't push your luck, I'll go on for days. These fit well, a liiiitttle tight in some places, but I had a similar pair once before and after a few wears they stretched out just fine. One other little issue is that my baby toe hits right at an opening and very well may pop out and break off at any time.This probably wont be an issue for you if you have normal length toes, mine are all just very short.

This purse is also in my favorite pop of color.  I like it as a clutch, but the long chain makes it perfect for nights where you'll be doing a lot of roaming around and want to eventually crossbody it. It is a good size! I know that there is a big issue for some girls with the little purse/big body thing. This is honestly not going to give you any issues. I think it is the perfect size between big and bulky and a too tiny clutch.

On to the tops!

This top is just amazing. Marble. Pattern. Whaaaaat? At one point someone probably looked at a counter top or a floor and said, "Hey Pam, you know what? A shirt would look great in this." And they were actually right. I do look great as a counter or floor, and even though it sounds like I'm making fun of it, it is the exact reason I love it. Its unexpected and understated but strong. Oh and if youre worried about the girls, there is plentttty of room. It fits a bit boxy and its made out of a poly/spandex blend that almost feels like a wetsuit  so there isnt a whole lot of flattering drape so be prepared to size up if you need extra room in the middle.

Le sigh. A vest. I still mourn the loss of the cool vest trend that happened around 2007. The vest was my waist belt before the belt was a trend.  Even though I dont get to wear a cropped and tailored version anymore, I like to have one or two others in rotation. This faux leather really looks faux though and that bothers me a lot. I dont know if it is because my dad is a biker and they take their leather seriously, or if I just dont like cheap looking fakes in general. It is comfortable and I love the moto style, so I may have to just suck it up and wear it when the weather is right.

And because Summer is actually coming back this year and I cant stop it, I decided to go for another chiffon tank. Remember, chiffon means no stretch, so sizing up is probably best. I got this in a 2- also not thinking obviously- and will have to return it. I'll probably go for a 4. The 2 was a bit snug in the hips and I feel like a 3 probably wont give me as much flow as I want. Oh and yes, that's my polka dot bra you can see. I surely cant get an undershirt on with this top. Back to Torrid I go!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Lingerie Inspired Girl's Night Out-fit

Sometimes you have those nights where you want to step out in something a little more than the plain old jeans and a cute top. Girls night is the perfect time! Okay, so it wasn't an all girls night, the male joined us for my cousin's birthday dinner then let us go our own way. He may have just wanted to make sure the boobs were going to stay in!

I bought this body suit in the Lane Bryant sale I keep talking about and wanted to wear it out. I threw on some of what we call in my house the "hammer pants", a belt and a lace back cardigan I picked up for a steal at a local discount shop. Overall, a relatively inexpensive outfit, but certainly effective. It only got a little weird when a drunk hipster walked up, stared at my chest and said "I like those two big titties!!" Time to move around after that!

Ok so talk about hilarious wardrobe malfunctions- I had put some tape in place to hold the cup of the body suit in place just so we wouldn't have any accidental showings, but apparently the tape wasn't quite strong enough and while it didn't hold the fabric, it sure held strands of my hair! I was picking long strands of hair off the girls all night. So attractive.
Shoes (similar): Lane Bryant| Pants: H&M| Bodysuit: Lane Bryant| Cardigan (similar): Yours Clothing| Belt: Torrid

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Is "Plus Size" the new gimmick?

Fat girls everywhere lately! Fat girls in the news, fat girls in Sports Illustrated, fat girls in the news about being the real first fat girl in Sports Illustrated. Fatness everywhere. I say its a great thing, but let's talk about what might really be happening. Namely, "plus size" being a new gimmick. A trigger phrase. A new media buzzword, if you will.

Marketing tools- we know they exist. Its like "Gluten Free", "Green" and "Farm Raised." Can you tell I've been clean eating lately? The media and every advertising agency everywhere knows what gets the world all worked up and lately... it is fat girls. We have been breaking molds (not a fat joke, promise). We have wonderful and beautiful women doing things that society has told us forever that we couldn't do and it really makes people talk.

Now, I'm a girl that loves my attention, (public blog anybody?) but I also like to make sure that I am not being exploited. I think we are on a precarious line now. As a group, we have insane buying power. Most American women fit into the "Plus Size", 67% according to Business Insider and we spent 17.5 billion dollars in 2011 on clothing. Why aren't we using that to our advantage?

We are being bullied by the fashion industry, ladies. Everyone is throwing around the term "plus size" to generate buzz and revenue, but they aren't giving us what we want. They are taking our money then asking for more in shipping costs because we can only shop online and they know it. They keep us in line by telling us that fat girls are harder to make clothes for. They, all the while using "plus size" to get link clicks, are taking advantage of the fact that we want something better.

Should we be happy with where we are? Fat girls are now getting attention, we have more clothing options, we are breaking our way into typically straight size modeling contracts... so why are you complaining, Elle? Well, first I'll say that I've never been very good at settling. The second issue is that I know they are capable of more, but simply wont do it. The next time I hear "plus size shoppers are picky" I want to see it followed by "so we are giving them clothes in store to try on." When someone says, "plus size shoppers don't want to spend the money on high end fashion" I want to hear "so we are making an affordable luxe looking option" right after.

As a group that has spent decades being bullied individually and together, we have to stand up for ourselves. The wheels have been set in motion with the blogger movement, people are talking about us,  but now is when it is most important to set boundaries. We have to negotiate for what we want instead of just taking what they give us. We shouldn't have to settle just because they threw us a bone. Am I happy we have come so far? Absolutely, but I want more because I know it can be done.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Winter to Spring Outfit

It is gorgeous outside today! The perfect early February day- which turns out is not a February-like day at all. I love this transition weather, but it is so hard to dress for! Chilly in the morning, chilly at night, but quite warm during the day... get it together Mother Nature.

My answer: layers. I am a layer girl all the time anyway, but this time of year it really comes in handy. I put together the perfect outfit for this but I made it a challenge for myself finding it all at Torrid. When it is chilly out, throw on the jacket and scarf, but once it warms up throw them all down behind you as you Sasha Fierce away in the jeans and flowy top.

Special notes on clothes: These Torrid jeans are stretchy- size down and whatever you do, do not put this top in the dryer. I have three similar tops and the fabric shrinks something bad. Like two sizes. I let Prissy (my dog) have the shirt that met that doom. She is also pretty chic. The top also requires some steaming or ironing after hang drying.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Where to shop for: Extended Plus Sizes

As a girl that is at the verrrrry edge of plus sizes offered by most stores, I know the struggle of finding a place that goes above a size 24. This booty just wont fit sometimes (even after the laying on the bed and zipping your pants trick)! A lot of the plus size retailers even stop at a 24 and to that I say- bye felicia! Here are a few of the shops that you can find something other than Gran's curtains in the sizes past 24.

Sizes 0-36
Price Range: $$
Classic to Trendy Scale
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

Holy size range batman. eShakti has almost anything you could want. If youre looking for either straight size or plus size, they have it. Their plus size doesnt stop until a size 36 and you can have clothing made based on your own measurements! Great quality, great options. 

Sizes 14-36
Price Range: $$
Classic to Trendy Scale
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

SWAK has grown considerably the last few years. One of their coolest items is their convertible dresses. If you need a lot of bang for your buck, I suggest trying one of these bad boys out. They even have YouTube videos showing you how to get different styles with the one dress. The only issue I have with them is that they tend to stick with the same types of fabric. 

Sizes 14-32
Price Range: $$
Classic to Trendy Scale
1  2  3  4  5   7  8  9  10

A lot of us are quick to discount Avenue because it is known for its matronly styles. Why waste time if you never find anything, right? Wrong. Avenue is great for jeans on a price point a little lower than most. I even find great wide width shoes there from time to time. If you take the time out to look, you may find something with a little sass!

Sizes 10-32
Price Range: $$$
Classic to Trendy Scale
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

With a smaller collection than others, this store corners the niche market of the more formal clothing for the plus size gals. If you need a cocktail dress, this is the place to start! Oh, and there is a lot of lace so you know I'm in. 

Sizes 10-32
Price Range: $$$
Classic to Trendy Scale
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

IGIGI also has quite a few nice classic cocktail dresses. Most of their items are very classic, but very good quality. Need an inexpensive wedding dress? They've also got a few of those. Seriously, look at this beauty!

Sizes 0-30
Price Range: $$
Classic to Trendy Scale
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

Self professed "unique & cute" clothing retailer ModCloth has a little something for everyone. Their fun and playful clothes are a bit of a breath of fresh air in the plus size world, really. Id describe them as your Grandma's clothes but in style. Hipster chic, maybe? A little dash of pin-up? Definitely worth looking into!

Sizes 0-32
Price Range: $
Classic to Trendy Scale
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

I'm including ON just because they fit into the extended range category. Know that I am displeased with them. They lost my voting dollars when they pulled plus sizes out of stores a few years ago (the anger is so real). ON is known for their lack of quality, but they do have hella sales if you're looking for budget friendly. 

Sizes 12-40
Price Range: $$
Classic to Trendy Scale
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

Jessica London is definitely not fashion forward, but they do have a lot of great basics. Sometimes you get lucky and find a special piece, like a great classic coat or staple skirt you can pull out to wear again and again. I have a simple black dress from JL that really looks great on. Simple yet totally chic when accessorized properly. 
Sizes 12-34
Price Range: $
Classic to Trendy Scale
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

Dont be scared of the prices listed in pounds (not weight, currency -__-). They do ship to the states and the prices really arent bad when translated into dollars. They have amazing sales and definitely have a great selection of trendier clothes than found in most stores that carry the 30-34 size range.


Sizes 14-28
Price Range: $$$
Classic to Trendy Scale
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

I know you're yelling at me right now for giving LB a 7, but seriously they have stepped their game up. You will pay a bit more for the trendier brands there (i.e. Isabel Toledo and 6th and Lane) but it is so worth it! 

Sizes 14-28
Price Range: $$$
Classic to Trendy Scale
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

Not all of their items go up to a size 28, but they just started adding some pants and skirts above their  listed size 24. If all goes well they will extend the love into other items. The price point  is a touch higher, but you pay for their quality. It is essentially The Limited for the fat girls. 

Sizes 12-28
Price Range: $
Classic to Trendy Scale
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

Torrid was once the most raved about in the plus community, but now with other options becoming available, they are falling a bit behind mostly because of quality and what I like to call recycled styles. They do have a lot of good options, amazing sales and they are certainly young and trendy. My personal fav is their Stiletto Skinny jeans. Hands down my favorite jean ever. I talk about them here.

Sizes 10-28
Price Range: $$
Classic to Trendy Scale
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

Evans, originally a UK brand, has a pretty good selection to offer. They carry apparel, and a fair range of shoes, jewelry and intimates.  Mostly classic pieces, but if you ever need a polished looking dress, the Little Mistress brand they carry has them on lock.

Sizes 8-28
Price Range: $
Classic to Trendy Scale
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

SimplyBe has a lot of clothes to pick from. You definitely have to search for the trendy pieces, but when you find them, its worth it! Oh and can we talk about their shoe selection? If you have super wide feet, they carry EEE fit, which is even a little too wide for my wide feet in my usual size.

Asos Curve
Sizes 12-28
Price Range: $$
Classic to Trendy Scale
1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

Asos Curve does carry up to a US size 26 (28 in some items) but they fit much larger depending on the cut. Never be afraid to try something because a size isnt what you want. For an example of Asos on a larger than size 26 body, check this video. I cannot tell you how much I l-o-v-e this store.