Thursday, February 18, 2016

Catching Up to Myself: Sneak Peek

Heyyy boo, hey! So I've been a little MIA lately (lower post count than in the past, but not totally gone because you'll never be totally rid of me. Youre welcome) and I wanted to catch you up! I mentioned that I was going through some life changes lately- namely, everything. I lost my job in October, the male and I separated in November and now with the new work position I am having to move out of the place I've called home for the past six years.

Now, I'm not saying that wasnt all stressful, because I've spent the last few months trying to figure out who I was and often where my keys and phone were after many nights out, but I have to say, I am happy and excited for the fresh start. While I was trying to figure out who I was, I also got to spend extra time with friends that I'd lost touch with. I got a beautiful reminder of the strong woman that got me through all the other tough parts of my life (hint, thats me.) and I also realized that moving may get me closer to my family, whom I'd also neglected a little because I was always "just so busy."

I wont even lie to you, it has been hard trying to find the inspiration for multiple posts a week then putting the hours into graphics and links. You know why I'm not lying to you? I told you I'd always be very clear with the behind the scenes. Life isnt perfect, not yours- definitely not mine. I've been saving up some ideas so get ready for some good posts! There might be a sneak peek below.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Trendcoming: Harness It

I made a statement a few months back that harnesses would start hitting the mainstream fashion scene more often- and sure enough, I've seen them (and harness inspired bras) more often lately. Let me be clear, these have a bit of a kinky history- harnesses are used in the S&M and kink community. Someone thats into that lifestyle may give you a knowing wink if youre sporting a legit leather piece. If youre not ready for that kind of association then Id suggest going with a strappy bra that takes some inspiration over the actual harness.

I've seen Tess in them in her seriously sexy shoots and I've seen Taylor Swift wearing one similar to the light brown one over a regular top so you can make it as sexy or as toned down as you want- and thats why I love them. I mean, if T-Swift is wearing one, thats about as vanilla as you can get. You already know my love for mixing badass with sweet so I'd wear one like the top one under a low cut or sheer shirt for that hint of sexy in an otherwise fully covered look.

I've given some links for the looks above, youre going to find them mostly on Etsy because they are still pretty alternative. Leather Coven (2nd from the right) is one of my faves. Seriously, follow them on IG for some body love & diversity. They are custom made for any size and very reasonably priced. The top pentagram piece is probably my ultimate favorite, but they are the luxe option.

When youre taking something with such blatant ties to things a bit more taboo, its all in how you wear it.

Light Brown | Simple Black | Strappy Long-line | Strappy Black | Pentagram

Thursday, February 4, 2016

To Flatter

 Lets talk about plus size outfits and flattery. I was out for brunch this weekend (and all around debauchery) so I wanted to be comfortable and in leggings for when I had 17 carafes of mimosas and chicken and waffles.

I picked up this outfit at Torrid this weekend. I didnt try on because I know how their sizing fits on my body, but I almost wish I would have. This tunic is definitely cute, but I may have wanted to try it on in a 4 and I'll tell you why. Do you see how the neckline cuts the girls almost in half? One size up may have fixed that and it may have given me a lower waistline- empire on me is not ideal since my smallest part is my natural waist and not right under the girls. A 4 also would have made the already too long sleeves even longer so I stuck with a 3 and have tried different ways of pulling the top together. Its a bit of an unflattering cut all around but the ease and comfort was worth it. I obviously cant wear this to work since I'm in a professional position, so for the weekends and running errands, it works perfectly fine.