Friday, January 30, 2015

Work Outfits Under $100

Surely you saw my emphatic post on Facebook about the Lane Bryant sale. I posted a blouse and skirt perfect for work and they were $15.00 each. Yeah, you heard me. If you're not following me on Facebook, that is what you're missing! If you're not following me and have now realized you should be, click here.

Anyway, it inspired me to do a follow up to my Under $100 Party Outfit post. I spend most of my time dressing during the week getting ready to go to the office. I spend almost 2 hours every morning getting ready- crazy right? You're right. I'm insane, but I like to really savor the moment. I do a lot of wandering around the house, in fact most of it is spent wandering. You know, make a smoothie, take a bath, get the perfect wing on my liner, talk to the dog, sing and dance, forget why I went into the bathroom 5 times... its a process.

I digress (staying focused is a chore right now!). Moral of the story is that if I'm going to spend so much of my life at work (or getting ready for it), I want to look great without spending all the money I make on clothes for it. Keep in mind that at a lower price point, you wont be getting the same quality you would get if you bought a $300 suit. H&M and Target are where I picked from this time, and from what I have experienced they hold up fairly well for what you pay for them.

Both of these outfits work for a business casual office. Add a structured blazer to the top option and you have something that could work for a business professional environment. A casual office? Well, swap pants out with your favorite jeans and you're ready to go! (I do envy the lady that gets to wear jeans to work!)

Option One
 Scarf: Target | Pants: H&M | Top: H&M | Shoes: Target

Option Two
 Top: H&M | Pants: H&M | Cardigan: H&M | Shoes: Target

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

blo| Blow Dry Bar Review

If there is one thing I love, it is having a girls day! If there are drinks involved perhaps somewhere on a patio in nice weather, you may never get me to go home. So when I read about Gwenneth Paltrow's new place coming to Dallas, I wanted to check it out. I made some appointments, called up a friend and we headed over to the soft opening of this blow dry bar.

The place is really pretty adorable. Very glam, very uptown but the stylists were the sweetest girls you could ever meet. I was offered a drink as soon as we came in (matching pink moscato it is!) and then my hair was washed and styled by Katie. (Hi, Katie!!)

blo has locations in 11 states here and 4 other countries, so if you're not in the Dallas area, don't worry! To find one near you check here

Katie and me on our mugshot wall

P.S. Can we talk about how I was matching all the stylists there that day? Hilarious. I have a full outfit post on this outfit coming up soon, but Im still trying to find some daylight for good pictures! Guys... there is so much pressure taking blog pictures!

Car selfie before lunch. Sunglasses are a Wet Seal purchase made after quite a bit of wine one night. Worth it!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Valentines Day For All

So Valentines Day is just about here and I thought Id go ahead and do an outfit post in case you wanted to order any of the pieces. (you know the golden rule, don't procrastinate!) My last post shows you where to get the lingerie, but hopefully at some point you'll have something else on that day. (or hopefully not, depending on your plans!!)

Ive been every "that girl" you can be on Valentines. I'm single, lets party!; I'm attached, let's have a date; Yes I saw your Facebook post, please go away. We all have our years spent fawning over our current partners.. then there are those you spend with Ben & Jerry hating life. Don't let the (commercialized) man get you down! Here are a few options as we all hunker down for the love overload soon to come.

I'm single, let's party!

Dress: Simply Be | Shoes: Steve Madden

First up, all the single ladies! If you're ready to head out for the night try a hot little dress and killer shoes. Granted, these Steve Madden shoes are not for the faint of heart. They are "sit pretty" shoes in my world. I will walk from valet to the bar, to the table and maybe make it through an hour of dancing until they come off. Not the classiest girl, but I guess I never was trying to trick anybody. You can easily slip a pair of flats in your bag for the night and trade out when it is time to really break out the moves. See the dress on a real plus size body here. It really is adorable on.

Date night with the boo

If youre headed out for a nice dinner with your honey, a new outfit can spice things up. Is pink cliche for Valentines? Um, probably- but I can't wear all black all the time, so I added a hint of a sweet color. I really do love this peplum top from City Chic though. The back has a nice lace detailing and the sweetheart neckline is just about flattering on anyone. The skirt shown looks a bit longer than it is. It should hit about the knees on an average height lady. Its a fun twist on the classic pencil skirt and let me tell you- the booty looks good in a pencil skirt. Add some heels to that and a fun faux-fur jacket for the chill of February and you're ready!

Not today, Cupid...not today!

Hate Valentines Day? I kinda do deep down too. Nothing makes me feel better than when I put on black (seriously, its my power color... if you havent noticed) and rule the day with a little badassery. Pick comfy but on trend pants, a sassy top and some strong booties to look fierce. This is perfect for when you want your outfit to do the talking for you and since VDay is on a Saturday this year, you can run around all day comfortable and loving yourself. Shopping anyone?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Affordable Personal Shoppers?

Link to the box:
It is time to talk about life changers. #1) Almond Joys #2) Comfortable heels #3) Personal shoppers. If you don't like Almond Joys we cant be friends then move personal shoppers up to number one. That is the only one we are going to discuss today anyway. It sounds expensive, doesn't it? A personal shopper. I feel famous just saying it. Well, quite a few months ago I saw GarnerStyle post on Facebook about a new beta testing opportunity for plus size ladies wanting to get into such a thing. Of course I tried it!

Here is how it works. It is a company called Dia&Co based out of California run by two ahhhmazing ladies named Lydia and Nadia. Seriously, Ive talked with them through the entire process and have only grown to love them more. You fill out your style profile, your sizes and what makes you ... you. They charge a card on file for $20 as a shopping fee then send you a box of clothes and a price list. Mine usually has 5 pieces in it. You have 5 days to pick what you like and send the rest back in a prepaid bag they send in your box. They then charge your card for only the items you kept. Best part? That $20 shopping fee then turns into a credit towards your purchase! You can do this every month, seasonally or only when you want to. I'm on the monthly plan... of course. I have no self control.

Is it worth the trouble? Absolutely. I am realllly bad about feeling the need for new things. Just something about putting on a new outfit makes me feel unstoppable and I want that unstoppable feeling all the time. Nobody better mention an intervention! This service takes that shopping need down about 17 notches. Out of the 5 things I get every month, I pick at least 1.  Usually 2 to stay with me. On average the total of all 5 items in my box are around $200. You can absolutely pick your price point as an option! This is a new feature and I honestly have no idea where I am set on the scale, but my items all seem very reasonable for what they are.

I feel like you need this in your life if you hate shopping for yourself, need to be forced out of your comfort zone into something you wouldnt usually pick out or just love new clothes. If you tell them I sent you, I will get a discount, but that is not at all why I'm telling you about this. Mention my name or don't, but if you are at all interested I say go for it! It truly will make your life easier.

In the five days I had this box, there was no sun outside or chances for me to take pictures of what items I got. Sorry! I really wanted to! I will do my very best to make this into a consistent part of the blogging rotation and hopefully the pictures will get better with time... and sunlight!
My sweet note that comes in the box.

Each item comes with styling tips

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Where to find Plus size lingerie

Valentine's Day is here! For the attached ladies,  if you like wearing a little something special for your partner this is your time to shine. For the single ladies... who better to love than yourself on V-day?! Treat yo'self! Listen, any time I can use as an excuse to buy myself a pretty thing or two is a-okay in my book. New thong? Thanks cupid!

We all know by now that there is no size limit for beautiful. But what about lingerie? Nope. No limit on that either.  Not so sure about it yet? Try something just slightly racy the first time and work your way up. Nobody says you've gotta come out of the gate in leather and chains. Confidence and comfort is key- both come with practice.

So where is the best place to find lingerie for the hostess with the mostess?


Hips and Curves: (above)

Seriously. Does it get any hotter than this? I own several things from H&C and they are all of wonderful quality. Their sizes generally run true to size, but check for notes on individual products for sizing discrepancies. They rarely have coupon codes, but watch their sale section for great deals. Ive found a few $5 panties from time to time here. They have robes, apparel, leather, lace, sweet, not so sweet and so much in between. Also, they go up to a 6x!!

Lane Bryant- Cacique Intimates (above)
LB doesnt have quite as much selection in the lingerie department, but the quality may even be a little better than H&C. Their bras though... magical. If you haven't ever tried on a LB bra, go now and thank me later. If they are a bit too expensive for you, they have a semi annual sale that includes a buy 2 get 2 free on bras. This is a great option for ladies with the larger cup sizes because they up to parts of the alphabet that I can only dream of.

Torrid is generally hit and miss for me, but one area they are pretty consistent in is their lingerie. As long as you aren't wearing the thing every day or getting extra rough with it, it will last a while. I have a few in my closet for a few years that still look great. If you want something more playful, this is your spot. They are also the cheapest option and they have sales constantly. You can easily pick something up here for under $20 if you pick the right time. Careful with which ones you pick if you want extra "oomph" in the cups- some of these bad boys dont come with underwire.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Party Outfit under $100

An entire outfit under $100 can be done. These are all Asos picks, to save on shipping costs and really to just show how much that site has to offer. (Um, trendy straight size & plus size up to size 28 in some items. Ah-mazing.) Links below.

Top: $20.85 (Comes in black, cream and Oxblood)| Leggings: $28.41|
(Option 2 Leggings $34.11)| Belts: $7.58| Shoes: $36.01 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Overalls? NOveralls.

There is word on the street that overalls are coming back. Asos has pages of options. Torrid has some (pictured). Ashley Stewart, Charlotte Russe, Nordys...City Chic... we just arent safe!

Guys... I just cant handle that news. Overalls were such a traumatic experience of my youth. They just don't fit my body type well. Big booty plus only 5'2''... it is a problem. Not to mention my PaPa (pronounced paw-paw.. yes, we were from East Texas) wore overalls every single day with his blue Dickies shirt, huge pocket of chewing tobacco and gold pocket watch. My uncle still occasionally wears them sans shirt in the hay field. I love those men something fierce, PaPa even used to let me have fashion shows for him, but that's about as high fashion as overalls will ever get.

I'm out on this trend. As a responsible adult, I have to be. I have to be the one to say no. I am perfectly fine with jumpsuits and rompers; I am in love with denim, but something happens when you combine the two.It is like Girl Scouts and cookies. You think the outcome is delicious, but really it is a whole bunch of young females battling each other Hunger Games style to sell the most cookies so they can win the biggest stuffed animal. Next thing you know, 10 years have passed and you look back at pictures and that big stuffed animal (overalls, in case Ive lost you here) just makes you look like the jerk that you are.

So what about you? Overalls or over it?

Friday, January 16, 2015

LBD: Lovely in Lace

The LBD. No, it isn't scandalous slang used on Craigslist. Oh, you knew that? I wont mention how long it took me to figure out what LBD (little black dress) meant the first time I saw it. I'm actually a little embarrassed about it.

Anyway, I have recently rediscovered the beauty of a dress! The blacker the better. Seriously though, I had taken a dress hiatus for a few years because for a while it was skirt day every day and one of those days I tripped and somehow caught my heel on my skirt pulling it down in front of the entire college campus. Who. Does. That? Ohhh the shame is real in this post! I have to stop before I have to go to a therapist.

Today's version is a sweet little sweater dress (size 24) by Jessica Simpson that I wear to the office often. I'll mix it up with optional tights, scarves and belts. I left those out today so you could see the details on the dress. As you can see, it hits me right about at my knees, so if you're tall- be careful, it could get extra sassy. The natural waist is fantastic, but be-warned apple shaped girls, it cuts in quite a bit so if you carry weight in the middle, you may want to size up. The lace detail on the shoulders, neckline and back is a nice addition... of course I love it, its black and lace. It is thick, so quite warm for Fall and Winter months. It is on sale right now, and also comes in red! Links below.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Plus Size Shopping Tips

We all know the struggle... you need something to wear for insert event name here and there are only about 3 brick and mortar stores where you can actually go try something on. Out of those 3, only 1 has things you like! WHAT DO YOU DO!? First, take a moment to breathe out the state of panic I just put you through, then check out my tips below.

 Don't wait! I cant stress that rule enough, especially if you're on the higher end of the plus size range. The plus size shopping options have increased significantly the last couple years but we still cant seem to get physical stores to carry them. If you don't want to look thrown together, it is going to take some planning ahead of time. I like to look online first to get an idea of what I want. If I can find that item in store- I then head over and purchase it there to save time and money on shipping. If not, I order online with plenty of time to make returns if needed. Expect about a two week window for any online purchases to get to you.
My least favorite excuse to hear when it comes to shopping for plus size girls is that they wont buy it because they cant try it on. Most stores have great return policies if you buy online. Make sure to read them before buying though! Get it to your house, try it on in your own home and you have plenty of time to make a decision and return it if you don't like it. Learning your measurements for online shopping is key! Consult the size chart always. If I'm still unsure what it will fit like and Im on a huge time crunch, I like to buy a couple different sizes so I can pick which fits best and then return the other. (This is easiest with a credit card, but use credit wisely!) Why miss out on something fab just because you wont go through a little extra work?

Everyone's budget is different. Some of you are on luxe-line budgets and others are on shoe string budgets. If you are closer to the shoe string side, I do not recommend buying too much "fast fashion". It can be tempting! That $6 top is cute and... $6?! C'mon! You need it! ... you don't need it. Save that $6 and put it towards buying a more expensive classic piece at the end of the season that will look better, last longer and never go out of style (i.e. LBD, nicer pants, etc). You'll end up replacing that $6 top enough times to more than make up for the one you could have spent a bit more on instead. (Ask the 45 worn out lace tanks in my closet how I know!)

One of the positives of having most stores online only is the ability to compare similar items without running all over town. is a fantastic and easy way to do this. The site pulls multiple smaller online plus retailers so you don't have to. I run a search for what I want (i.e. jumpsuit) there then pull up the major plus retailers (LB, Torrid etc) and see what they have to offer. Chances are,  you'll find a few different options that way to be able to compare price and style. That black jumpsuit you saw in one store could look much better on in a drapey poly blend than a light cotton. As they say, "the devil is in the details".

This should go without saying, but if you aren't using coupons you are wasting money. That goes for all budgets.  Most stores mail out coupons, so get on the list! If they have a free rewards program, join it! If you aren't on a mailing list or a member they usually give % off coupons for first time buyers or you can always use a coupon code. RetailMeNot is my favorite coupon resource. They usually always have one for what I'm buying. You can get a code online or they have an app you can download to pull up coupons and show to the cashier in store. If you're a regular, make friends with the store associates! They can often give you a heads up on when something will go on sale, when the best coupons are coming and Ive even been given a discount just for being a good customer.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Rebdolls Review

For an updated review, click here. 

One of my favorite things to do is search for new plus size brands. One brand that I have had my eye on for a while is Rebdolls. It was previously Custom Plus, but as they have added a more broad range of styles, they have also added a straight size selection.

They certainly have an edgy and urban vibe so one day when I was feeling like I needed a little boost in my badassary, I ordered my two favorite items from the line. First, lets talk about how amazing it is that a company has made an effort to include all sizes 0-28. (ModCloth also gets a shout out on this!) Second, let us acknowledge the kinds of clothing they offer for their plus size ladies. No longer do we only have to select from dresses that look like Grandma's 70s couch pattern, or the curtains our mother's may or may not have sewn for the house. (Sorry Mom.. those half rooster/half plaid shorts just weren't on fleek either.)

Rebdolls Hella Dope T-Shirt

One of the best parts of this site is the customization. Most of the tops come with options since it is (Im assuming) just screen printing. You can pick a neckline, you can pick crop or t-shirt, and you can pick color on most styles. I was feeling brave so I picked two casual items I rarely invest in.

The crop top has been washed once (and hung dry) and didnt seem to hold up so well. I feel like a few more washes and its really going to show some age. The sweatshirt... ohhh the sweatshirt. I really havent worn a sweatshirt in years, but I wanted one. I dont know why I wanted one, guys. I just did. As you can see, it is definitely not the most flattering choice. I'll let the picture speak for itself. The crop top is certainly my favorite of the two in terms of fit, but the graphic on the sweatshirt. is. spectacular. It is just a screen-print on a generic unisex sweatshirt so the fit is awful. They suggested sizing down, but I ordered my usual 3x and it fits where it hits my hips perfectly, but up top Im just lacking the ladies to fill it out.

I do have to say, with all the pros, they left me with a quite a bit more to desire. I would only buy from this company during sales and only because they offer something that you cant get anywhere else. I hate to say it, but Im just not a Rebdolls fan.

Beauty Religion B Shade Sweatshirt

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Style Capture: Melissa McCarthy

Melissa's look was all over the internet shortly after her appearance. Then I got the picture from a friend with a "check it out!" message attached. Everyone was loving it. Understandably! Its a great look! Simple yet chic. Any time I can throw a hint of a leather look into my outfit, I will do it. Not to mention, Melissa is about as close as I'm going to get to a celebrity doppelganger (Im free for stunts, just sayin' me, Melissa!!) so I  am excited to recreate this look for you.

What takes this look from drab to fab is the leather-like detailing. Sometimes it is the smallest of details that makes the difference between boring and bangin'. Leather or leather like materials give you a bit of an edge so your look doesn't fall flat.

This look is super easy to replicate. If you have as much black in your closet as I do, you could easily run in and come out with something pretty close. I may take the challenge- but what we really care about here are the links to the items, amiright? See those below:

Top: City Chic | Pants: Asos Curve | Shoes: DSW | Clutch: Nordstrom

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Tess Munster Experience

The Tess and Elle selfie.

So if you haven't heard of her by now, Tess Munster is one of the most popular plus size models in the industry. As of now, she has over 600,000 likes on Facebook and has been named one of the top 10 Best Plus Size Models by Huffington Post. Not impressive enough? Well, there are more awards, Best Of's and mentions of her with a quick Google search. The woman is impressive.

I first heard of her a few years ago when a picture of her was shared by Torrid on Facebook. I recognized my shape in hers and loved her sass! I wanted to keep an eye on this beautiful lady because I felt like she was about to do something great. I was right. She soon established her #effyourbeautystandards movement which is "about embracing your body and being unapologetic". There is no size minimum and there is no max for loving your body and she gets that. So when I heard she would be coming to town with her Pinup for a Day Tour with Dynamite Dames Photography, I knew I had to get in on the action!

Photo By: Dynamite Dames
Pin up isn't really my go-to style and a few years ago, I would have never agreed to go meet a bunch of strange women and have my picture taken in front of them even in a style I was most comfortable in. I made a promise to myself earlier that year that I would start stepping out of my comfort zone and enjoying life so I bought the ticket. I am so happy I did. 

It was a tad chaotic, but it was such a beautiful chaos. There were so many women that were there to celebrate everyone's differences. Thin women, fat women, short women, tall women... all bodies were there and all bodies were kind and loving towards the other. In the end, I had dressed up and had my photos taken but I felt a change that day. As I put on just my long line bra and skirt to be photographed in, I felt such a new peace. I felt comradery. I felt the gap I'd always felt between the straight size girls and the plus size girls close. 

I loved it so much that I attended the makeup tips and tricks course Tess held the second time she came to town. The feel was very much the same. Smaller group and even more diversity. That is what I call the Tess Munster Experience. The woman is a brand, she is a model and she brings about a feeling with the women (even some men) she brings together. She is sassy in person (as expected), she is kind and even sprinkles in a bit of raunchy humor. Soooo my type of hero. If you ever have the chance to attend one of her events, please do! I'm willing to bet that you'll also feel a bit better when you leave than you did when you walked in. 

Photo By: Dynamite Dames

Photo By: Dynamite Dames

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Style Sheet: Mean Jeans

The one item of clothing I hear most complaints about never being able to find in the perfect fit is (drum roll please) jeans. I'll be the first to tell you that the perfect pair is elusive, but jeans are like the Tinder of the pants world. There are a lot of choices and most of them wont work for you. Some shouldn't have even been born made, but if you search long enough you could find your soul mate.

As a short but big booty having girl the challenges seem overwhelming at times when searching. Can we talk about how I'd be about 3 sizes smaller if I wasn't carrying that thing behind me? I can hear you now, "oh but at least you have a butt!" Sure, it does have its perks, but with every big booty comes great responsibility. Namely: you've gotta cover that ish up. I've tried many jeans but here are my top 4 in style faves. 

If you're like me and you like a good skinnier fit option, I say go with the Torrid Stiletto Skinny. These wont break the bank, but you could walk in one and walk out with at least a little free money in these jeans. Seriously. They are stellar. They are more of a jegging so they will really stretch and hug all your lady lumps (or humps if you'd rather). They are also ankle length so they show off your killer shoes. I have both the short length, which hits my ankles, and then a regular length pair that fit more like a normal length pair of jeans would on me. I don't know what I'm going to do when the skinny jean fad fades and I have to give these up!

If you prefer a stiffer jean and want a more rigid bootcut option, try the Seven7 brand jeans at Lane Bryant. A bit more expensive than the Stiletto Skinnys, but you are getting a heavier denim. I rarely had to worry about them wearing out in the thighs (chub rub anyone?). You can easily dress these jeans up or down with a simple switch of the shoes. These jeans are not ideal for extra curvy girls because there is very little stretch. If your assets are distributed in places other than hips and booty, these jeans are worth giving a try. Size up or you may have to sacrifice some of your internal organs.  

Have you seen the boyfriend jean trend? Guys... the 90s are coming back! Oh, the nostalgia! Distressed and loose fitting, these jeans are perfect for casual days on the run. Alice & You at Asos has a perfect pair. They tend to run a bit large, so you could get away with sizing down in these. Best part of these jeans? Virtually any body type can pull them off with the right styling. For a chic and trendy look, I like a bit of a tighter fitting shirt and some heels. For a casual but super cool vibe, try something looser in a cool graphic print or grungy plaid.

Finally, my favorite for casual Friday at the office! The ole faithful Trouser Jean. When you think of Avenue, on point style really isn't the first thing that comes to mind so when I saw the jeans at first, I was intrigued. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised! These have a bit of a higher rise and are a material somewhere between the jegging and the heavy denim. They make various lengths and go up to a size 32! This particular pair has a great set of back pockets which is something you definitely want in a pair of trouser jeans. (Can we all agree that the slit pockets and weird faded spots on those early 2000s jeans should stay there?)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Style Capture: Miss Piggy

When I think about who I first experienced as the first loved plus size gal, my mind always goes to Miss Piggy. The girl is fabulous! She had her man, she had her style and she had her sass. Ultimate sass. I'm sure I came with sass naturally, but Miss Piggy definitely showed me that you don't have to hide just because you aren't what you think other people might want.

I saw this picture of Miss Piggy and thought she looked fierce so I wanted to be able to share the look. The skirt and top separates are from Jibri, an online shop on Etsy. They are certainly investment pieces at a bit of a higher price point than some budgets allow, but the shoes and belt from Asos are definitely budget friendly.

If you want more of the dramatic sleeve look Jibri has another top that blouses out a bit more- certainly a fun look!

Top:| Skirt: |Belt |Shoes:

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Black and Sass: New Years Eve

For New Years Eve this year, we wanted to do a little something outside of our usual drink until you can't feel your face then drink some more routine. (See: Thanksgiving debacle 2012 in last post). Crying on stage and spraying bottles of champagne on strangers just isn't as appealing as it used to be. Our group is getting a little older and settling down so we decided to opt for a classier and safer option.

We had a wonderful steak dinner at Dakota's downtown then to a local bar for the countdown and I think this outfit worked the transition perfectly!

Full disclosure: we are working on our photography skills around here, so hopefully as we get more practice, I'll be able to provide better quality shots!

Now, here are the details:

Coat- I first saw CeCe (Plus Size Princess) wear this coat and fell in love. She is about half a foot taller than I am and shaped entirely differently so I'll have to get it tailored to get the fit I desire, but I wanted to share it with you here first. I got this in a size 24 and it fits well, with exception of the sleeves being a bit tight. I also plan on getting it shortened a bit. Best part? Its on super sale right now!

Shoes- Girls... Guys... Children... go buy these shoes. If you want a comfortable and transitional heel for a great price, buy these shoes and then write me a love letter because dang! I have a wide foot and I felt like I had plenty of room in these guys. Fit true to size and my feet didn't hurt until the very end of the night. You can buy them online, but I found them in my local store for less than half of the price online so of course I bought two!

Jumpsuit- Unfortunately between the time I bought this and the time I wore it, it has sold out online. Asos has plenty of options similar though so check it out for a dupe. I bought this in a size 24 and wore it with SPANX. I felt it was a bit short in the torso, but it could be that my booty was maxing out the space in the back, making it tug a bit in the front.

Lace crop top- It fits as expected. This is in a 3 (22/24) and fits as such. Not a lot of stretch, so take on and off with care!