Sunday, March 29, 2015

Inside the Dressing Room | Torrid

The weather here has just been rainy and dreary for the most part this year so any chance I get to get out and wander around the Earth purchasing things in the sunlight, I will take it! There is an outdoor mall just a few miles from my house that has a Torrid in it as well as an Ulta (dangerous to say the least!) and so when I wanted to go do some shopping, I headed there first.

We will go picture by picture here and give you a breakdown of what I tried on, and what I took home with me. Let me know if you like these types of posts and I'll make sure to keep them in rotation!

Distressed jeans in a size 26, bralette in a 3 and top in a 4.
Booty view.

Dress in a size 24. The top was entirely too roomy for me, but for the ladies working with more than what I have up top- this is a winner.
Bralette in a 3 and fair warning- they have no support for the girls. Definitely a bra on under kind of garment. Those are my Torrid leggings in a 3 that Ive had a while now.

Super cute little dress- a little too sheer for me to make work without adding too many bulky layers.
Booty view.

I ended up taking home the jeans, the bralette and a white lace crop top that caught my eye as I walked out of the dressing room for a grand total of $175 ish with my 5% loyalty discount. The jeans were $100, bralette was about $30 and top was about $40 before the BOGO 50% off sale was applied.