Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rue 107 Review

 First, lets address the fact that plus size swimwear is still pretty horrendous for the most part. There are a few stores that have it mostly together but overall... yikes. Is there some stone tablet out there that has the bathing suit commandments chiseled in it?
I. Must be the same pattern as movie theater carpet
II. Pick one of three necklines
III. Ensure the creation of new rolls if not exposing the ones provided.

The reason I like Rue 107 so much is because they went way outside the traditional bathing suit box. They have cropped tank cuts, cap sleeves and even full sleeve tops. Why has this not been done before?! Why aren't more companies doing it now?

Okay so on to the actual top. I put my leggings on to give you an idea of how it would look with my high waist bottoms- which are currently packed and in another city at the moment. For perspective, remember I'm only 5'2'' and currently wear a 42D in Lane Bryant bras. This top is a 3x (22/24).

Things I like:
1. The cut. I absolutely love the cut. It covers areas I want covered while still being attractive. Armpit and back fat are fine, I'm just not ready for a full on bikini, but if you are.. they have those too!
2. The pattern. I mean, how adorable is it?! The answer is "effing adorable."

Things I would change:
1. Can a girl get some support?! I know not everyone loves underwire like I do, but can I get a little shelf maybe? Perhaps a stick to come with the suit so I can prop the girls up with it? I feel like the little lining isnt going to be enough for when shit gets real in the pool.
2. Id like it a touch longer. If your girls are bigger, you would be running out of length in the front.
3. The shipping price. $13 to ship this bad boy in the US. Thats a problem. Australia, I feel your pain and I'm sorry for what we have done to you with shipping rates.

Overall, would I recommend? Yes. Especially on sale.

You get something you cant get anywhere else with this shop. Hopefully with another year or so under their belt they can improve on the great concept. Oh and not to mention, they carry both straight sizes AND plus sizes! I love that!

Note: I know the mirror looks dusty- but its not. I clean it all the time, it is just starting to show its age. I just cant let go of it! The poor thing is probably 30 years old. It was my grandmothers and I remember her letting me take it outside and paint it this color when I was little. She probably just wanted to get me out of her hair for a while, but I remember taking it so seriously! I taped it off and painted for hours!