Thursday, January 28, 2016

2016 Trends

I really dont feel like I'm old enough for fashion trends to be cycling as fast as they are. What happened to my youth!? We are starting to pull from quite a few decades now, 70s are sticking around but we have started to add in some 90s and 00s and for that I'm trying to fight the urge to buy a fanny pack. Y'all- it would border on just me the sad, awkward tourist in a fanny pack instead of the cool teen wearing it ironically. "Please ma'am, the tourist buses pick up for the zoo over there- you're making our restaurant look bad." I can get on that plaid and lingerie inspired boat though!

I really hope that this decade stays around for a while in fashion. Fringe is just what I'm here for! Try a fringe tee with some shorts for the summer and a suede accent in the fall. Also- wide leg pants! Yessssss.
Fringe Benefits

My favorite styles to mix are sweet and edgy. Victorian vibes give me the chance to pair that pretty little ruffle blouse with a leather jacket or a sheer pussy bow top with those ultra distressed jeans.
The Victorian

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Mad Moto

Now that winter is in full swing and the east coast is digging their way out of their homes after the blizzard, coats are starting their first round of sales. Just a little off the top- nothing major yet- but Spring is coming and you'll want a lighter coat soon enough so I put together a list of my favorite type of jacket. The moto.

I'd write a really metal love song for this style of jacket if I could! Its the perfect amount of sass for me. I prefer mine in neutrals- so blacks, browns and taupes but I included some more fun colors for Spring here for you. My favorite pairing for my black moto is with my long sleeve lace crop. It always feels magical when you walk into a room with your rough around the edges moto and then you take it off to reveal a whole lotta lace.

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Friday, January 22, 2016


When I started blogging I made a promise to you that I'd not just explore plus size fashion, but that Id touch on life and body positive topics to make this forum more dimensional. After all, we aren't the clothes we wear, they just tell others who we are so it only makes sense to talk about both.

So, who are you? I've been having this conversation a lot lately it seems. I'm sure it is presenting itself more now since I've been exploring my own identity so I figured I'd explore it with you too.

Someone asked me one time, "Who are you?" I almost had no idea how to answer, so I just started with what I had going on that week. I thought that telling about what I fill my time with would tell me a bit more about who I am. That wasn't a satisfactory answer, so I started about my past next. I rarely discuss that, especially with new people because its often just too heavy for the situation so I glossed over it and then thought to myself, Who the hell am I right now?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lingerie List

Last year I did a pretty comprehensive list on Where to Find Plus Size Lingerie, this year- I'm just going to give you a cute little compilation. I'm also going to tell you that youre never too fat to feel sexy. If you worry about if your partner will think it is hot on, the answer is yes. The answer will always be yes. If they are having sex with you, chances are that they love your body already and they will really love it in lingerie. Ive said it before and I'll say it again, lingerie being sexy is much more about the woman in it than the lace its made of.

I mentioned last week that I'm a single lady this year (Beyonce anthem plays here) so I probably wont be putting on anything for anyone else, but I will have on a sexy bra and panty set just for me. Aint nothin' wrong with treating yo'self! If I was going to pick my after the after party outfit, it would be the strappy faux leather with the lace robe pairing because I like to be sweet but slightly unnerving.

Lingerie tips:
If you are blessed with a chest- underwire is key. If no underwire, look for a halter neckline. This is going to give those girls the lift they deserve!

If youre worried about your tummy- you dont have to be, but we all have our "thing". Try a babydoll with an empire waste so that it flows over nicely. You can also cinch it up with a nice corset.

If legs are something youre not ready to show- a nice pair of thigh highs and heels will do the trick. There are also full body stockings, but youre getting into a pretty serious lingerie scene with those.

Not ready for the right to bare arms? Most lingerie is sleeveless- again, you can try full body stocking, but thats a lot of work- so check into a satin or lace robe. I have a long black robe with sheer kimono sleeves that I call my "goddess robe". I put it on when Im getting ready and I instantly feel sexier.

If your bum is your concern- try a lace boyshort. You still get the coverage, but with a little peek-a-boo fun.

Links: Red & Black Lace | Red Sheer Lace | Purple and Black Chemise | Iridescent Corset | Strappy Faux Leather | White Lace | Short Black Lace Robe | Long Black Lace |

Friday, January 15, 2016

Trendy Under $20: Valentines Day

I've missed doing the Trendy Under Twenty posts, so here is one just in time for Valentines Day. I'm a single lady this year so since it is on a Sunday, I'm sure I'll be with another single friend yucking it up out on the town. Everything here, in case youre new to this, is under $20. Some items are under $10 (I'm looking at you adorable panties). I mean, who doesnt want a cute little heart on their booty?! These are not just the sales you want, these are the sales you deserve- and I'm here for you!

Red Crop | Draped Pencil Skirt | Black Flat | Rumba Panty | Heart Panty | Red Belt | Pink Belt | Black Off The Shoulder | Pink Turtleneck | Oxblood Skirt | Body Harness

Monday, January 11, 2016

Jumpsuit Casual

You know the days where going out in your pajamas sounds like the best plan but you've ripped a hole into your last pair of polka dot jammies and cant commit to showing the world your bum yet? This is a good alternative. It feels like pajamas but looks like you tried...and your bum is covered.

You've seen variations of some of these pieces over the last couple weeks- and this is the final. I'll tell you, this was my starter outfit for the day before I had to change three times and mix and match. It is easy, comfortable and still pretty fashion forward. Veronica snapped this picture real quick on the way back from lunch because I wanted you to see that you can wear a jumpsuit at a size 24/26. 

Seriously, if anyone tells you that you cant wear a jumpsuit, punch them in the throat and then steal theirs. I'm kidding- no violence. Just go buy one that fits how you like and wear it anyway. They will feel like they got punched in the throat and you wont go to jail. Everyone wins. 

Jumpsuit tips: 
-If you are largest in your butt/hips: find a wide opening top and a stretchy waist. Remember its going to have to get up past that middle before you can do anything good up top. 
- If you are largest up top, a good halter or V-neck can keep the girls wrangled and bring the eyes up.
- If youre tummy is largest: find a cut with a high waist and some give in the middle, maybe even with wide legs. Wide legs will carry the eyes down making you look taller and evening out the shape.

Sizing and brands after the jump.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Colourpop Review


I haven't done a makeup review post in a long while, so I thought I'd mix it up a little! We are still working on the editing skills over here too- so love my imperfections! You probably already know that I'm obsessed with Jeffree Star and his velour liquid lipsticks, like Buffalo Bill is obsessed with the skin suit obsessed. ...okay maybe not that obsessed, but I do like them a lot. I do know that while I may have picked up quite a few from the collection, not everyone is ready to drop $18 on a lipstick. I get it, so I found a more budget friendly option. 

Today I tried the Colourpop liquid lips and while I do like them, you can tell a difference that comes with the difference in price point, but getting 3 for the price I'd usually pay for 1 has its perks! Short answer: Would I buy again? Yes. Especially for bold colors I wouldnt wear often.

This first color is Guess. It is a deep blue toned purple.
The second color is Zipper. A vibrant purple.
The last color is Teeny Tiny. A brownish mauvey taupe. 

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Glam Bam Thank You Ma'am

This is it! It has been one full year since I started blogging and I celebrated by wobbling along some train tracks in heels- which was much harder than I originally anticipated. Shout out to Veronica Bessey for the amazing pictures, and for keeping me on my feet instead of letting me go with my original idea of just rolling back down the hill in the mud. 

My very first post was about a MonifC crop top so I found it fitting that I celebrate my one year blogiversary with another MonifC piece. Remember the dress I drove to Houston for? Remember the dress I modeled for? Well, this is it in all its Beyonce-esque glory. I love literally every piece I own from MonifC. They make me feel like a goddess because each one is sexy and has a cool factor to it that I may or may not deserve. She is my ultimate fav in plus size designers and she was very kind to me when I toddled in front of her for a model experience I didnt know I was getting myself into. I'll be in NYC for CurvyCon this year and I have plans to hit up her shop and show my appreciation by spending money. 

Side tangent: it is incredibly important that you invest in pieces for yourself if there is a designer out there you love that may be a bit out of your price range. Starting a brand/boutique is incredibility difficult and often a pretty large financial burden so show your support as much and as often as you can by spending your money there (thats how the world works after all.) They cant pay their bills on hopes and dreams and next time you want to buy something, they may not be there.

I could write a song about this dress (and I promise that it wouldnt just be to work with Drake on the hook). The way it perfectly hangs while at rest, the way it catches the wind when you walk, It makes every entrance a diva entrance and that is something every girl should experience at least once. 

It is sold out now, her items tend to go fast so you have to really watch and jump when you find something you love. Occasionally she will bring something back- she did with my favorite crop top- so sometimes you can redeem yourself if you dont pick it up before it sells out. 

The quality of her items is always pretty good, and well worth the price tag. She generally doesn't have sales, so keep that in mind too. You are going to have to invest in a piece if its something you love. I've almost worn my little crop top out in the year that I've had it, so the cost per wear is pretty low at this point. (I think I paid $75 ish for it originally.) 

I picked the clutch up while I was at the MonifC event too- it is an Aldo bag though- which I didnt notice until later. Then it all made sense because I love that store. Quick tip: always check their clearance and the shoes run very narrow. I rarely buy shoes there since I have such wide feet, but the accessories are always worth a trip. 

The necklace was a gift from Veronica Bessey as well, and she said she thrifted it- the woman is a thrift genius.

Shoes are Lane Bryant- currently sold out. If you need a comfortable pair of heels though- LB is the way to go. They are generally set wide and they are solid heels. They always last the longest for me.

I'll just leave you with a few more pictures below.