Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dia Style Resolution | Contest

First of all- how Dia-licious am I here!? You know, sometimes I'm so cheesy it hurts. It was between that and "Dia&Co from my head to the flo". Bad things happen when I'm left to my own devices.

Dia sent me some swag for being a brand ambassador, and for that I say thanks! I may just wear one at a time from now on because I look a little white-guy NYC tourist here. Its just in time for the new year and the Dia Style Resolution Contest. You can see how to win $100 towards your next Dia purchase after the jump (meaning, click "see more" below).

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My new year's style resolution is to say yes more. Yes to bold lips. Yes to bold accents and yes to life. No is still going to apply to bad online dates and kissing strangers in bars. Sorry everyone.

Ok, so this kimono and these shoes are coming up in a post next week- so if you want the deets, check them there.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Guide To Interview Attire

One of the questions I get the most is how to dress when you are going for an interview. Basic life skills, guys- you have to know it. Obviously everyone knows you want to look your best, but what is considered professional? Whats business casual? Should you always interview in a suit? As someone that has been both interviewed and done the interviewing, there are keys to being successful. I'm here to feed you, baby birds.

When you land an interview- research the company. Always. You should never not know what you're walking into. Look for the office culture, see if there are professional pictures of the staff and pick up a few basic facts about the company to impress the interviewer with if they ask if you checked them out. The first two items I mentioned are what we need right now, the third was just a friendly life tip because I care about you.

Professional pictures will tell you what you should interview in for the most part. You know the ones, everyone has to put on their suit and shove into uncomfortable spaces next to the coworkers they only like because they have to and then smile at the cheesy photographer when he says, "say 'load paper!" You can just see the pain in their eyes, but that picture is also telling you what their ideal image is for the company. Be that image. It may not be what you will have to wear every day, but you should always dress one level "up" from their daily attire. Lets hit those next:

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dia&Co Unboxing: December 2015

New format!! Are you stoked?! Be easy with me, my editing skills are still new. We are growing together! Okay, so Dia&Co December box... see what I got in the video. I didn't try them on this time, is that something that you miss? Would just doing outfit posts with the pieces later be a good option for you?

Also, how hilarious is the face I'm making!? Apparently you have to be verified on YouTube to pick custom thumbnails, so until then- funny faces. I think we can all agree that is hilariously tragic.

Find my last box here.
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Sunday, December 13, 2015

All That Glitters

I said I was going to have this up last week, but then I got distracted. I've been binge watching my shows on Prime, yes I have Amazon prime, I don't like to brag. 😉 I highly suggest you watch Transparent and the mini-docuseries called This Is Me. It has kept me from being productive. We all have flaws- can I live!? Annyywaayyy....New Years is coming up and this is the time for sequins! 

Most of these items are Asos, because I mean they just got out of control this year with the sequins, but in a good way. Lane Bryant actually got a few hits in too this year. I know I keep bragging on them, but they are starting to get it right consistently these days. 

I think my favorite out of the bunch would be the sequin tee and black ripped knee jeans. Cobalt blue is my favorite accent color. It's the perfect mix of edgy and trendy chic. You could easily switch the blue out for black and have something a little less edgy and a bit more  sexy. 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

You Dont Have to be Nice

Ok, so yes- we should all strive to be loving and kind humans. Love people, accept people for who they are and treat them kindly whenever possible. There is a thing though that I've been noticing lately. One of my friends mentioned her struggle with it and I noticed today that I catch myself doing it- apologizing or being nice when boundaries are crossed.

As plus size women, we are often taught that just existing is a problem. That being fat is something we must apologize for and so we do our best to make ourselves as agreeable as possible so that we dont offend someone. "If you'd just lose a little weight, you could have any man you wanted!" Its something I've heard many, many times. Id be lying if it didnt make me incredibly insecure at the time. I didnt realize how deeply rooted it was in how I interacted with people until I started dating again. I find myself being extra nice, sometimes when lines are crossed, just so I dont upset someone that could use my fatness as an excuse to get out.

If you've done any online dating, like- Tinder for example- you know that it is the absolute worst of people. So when I got this message on a dating app it wasnt shocking. How I reacted to it was.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Fall Into Color

Sundays are my fundays. I usually run out to brunch with a friend and then spend the day shopping or drinking some more before heading home to get ready for the week. Its the perfect start to a week. This week I met up with Veronica for brunch so that we could work on a schedule for our upcoming collab. Our super cute server, John, kept the mimosas flowing while I made notes in my little notepad and maybe drew little hearts around his name- it was a good Sunday and not at all creepy.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Holiday Picks Under $100

So you saw the top Holiday Picks on Monday, but what if you're on a budget for the Holiday party outfits? There are presents that have to be bought and not to mention a New Years Eve outfit is on the list (don't worry, I've got you covered there next week). Maybe all those dresses were too much for you? Boo- I got you! Today we are taking baby steps. You know, if baby steps were super hot and also affordable. (Some of these fall under $100 with current sales.)

I know I've mentioned my love for jumpsuits before but listen- get in on it! They probably wont be around forever so the sooner you learn to love them, the better. The trick is to find a cut that works for your body. I have to be careful because my butt is so much larger than the rest of my body that I sometimes cant get a waist that fits my waist to fit over my butt in the pulling on process. So I pick stretchy fabrics or a wide top opening. A jumpsuit takes pants to next level chic. You'll look dressier if youre a little on the trendy side in a one-piece.
Links: 1 | 2 | 3

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Holiday Party Picks

Holiday dress season is probably one of my favorites. I am a dress up kind of girl and any excuse I can find to really glam it up is a good excuse. I'd almost get dressed up and run into the gas station and be like, "oh this? I'm just on my way to a party" and then get in my car and go home and sit in the dress drinking champagne and watching Netflix.

I gave you the Holiday dress code breakdown a couple weeks ago, so you can know what youre dressing for. Most of these dresses fall into the formal to cocktail party category, which is what most holiday parties are for us normal folks, but I threw a couple full on gowns into the mix for those that are lucky enough to go somewhere other than the gas station in their pretties. Not to mention, it was extra fun getting to fantasy shop them.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Move It

I posted an article on Facebook a few days ago that was a study about how fat people react to fat shaming. Does it really help them lose weight? Turns out, no. I guess we could have all just taken the fat person's word for it years ago, but millions of dollars in science later we have something society values more than the words of a fat person. A study. Ok, so if you didnt gather, the sarcasm is heavy today and I apologize in advance.

A couple of women commented on that article with stories about how when they are shamed about being fat they turn to food to feel better or even to fight back. I do the same thing. I certainly never say, you know what- great point. Im going to go hop on that treadmill. Exercise doesnt feel good. In fact, it feels terrible for me. Not because it hurts or I'm out of breath but because it brings up emotions I've stuffed down with food for so long. You know how in the Biggest Loser they all cry and lose their minds on the stationary bike? Yeah, thats exactly what it looks like when I work out. No really, there is crying, there is cussing and a lot of self hate. The kicker is, I never hated myself until someone told me I should.

You know what I've always hated about exercise? Its always felt like it was about someone else.
Since I was little all I've ever heard was how I needed to lose weight. My dad even literally bribed me with a pony. As ridiculously upper class as that seems, we lived on a ton of land. A pony wasn't the riding boots and gate jumping spectacle you might imagine. I start working out because I feel like I have to change for others and then every horrible thing people have said to me about my weight, the horrible things I've said to myself about my weight, all come boiling up. The pain I was shoving down all comes to the surface and I feel it all over again.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Monif C Experience

You know I mentioned that I had recently lost my job, well a few days after, the male and I decided that we were definitely going to be separating. We just werent making a good team. Soon after, I saw that Monif C was going to be in Houston this past weekend so I decided the best way to get through a breakup/job loss/complete life start-over was to drive the four hours to go shop her collection and hole up in a hotel room for two days with champagne, Storage Wars and room service. I posted this on my personal Facebook page Sunday:
In today's episode of "What has Elle Gotten Herself Into": I'm going through some life changes right now (aka, practically starting completely over) and am a bit restless. I saw my favorite designer was coming to Houston so I bought a ticket, booked a room and drove down for the weekend to shop the collection. Well I arrived and it turns out it was a model search too so I had to audition in order to get to the "clothes experience"! I was like, well... I really want that dress. So I walked and posed in front of one of the top plus size designers just so I could buy the dress I wanted. It will forever be my favorite dress. Here is to starting over and stepping out of comfort zones for amazing dresses.

Thats essentially how it happened, I just wanted to elaborate on it a bit.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Deciphering Dress Codes

So it's Holiday party season. My old firm used to throw huge, themed formal parties like Casino Night and spend tens of thousands. My last firm? Well, they usually took me to the conference room, give me a list of things I can improve on and then hand me a bonus check. It was a confusing meeting.

Needless to say, I've been to quite the range and have had to decipher invitations with words like "casual elegant" or "soiree". The traditional formal invitations and clear expectations have gone by the wayside leaving Facebook invites and more questions than answers.  Hint: if there is a Facebook invite there should never be a tie. I put together a list of the terms I see most for you. Let me know if there are any I still haven't covered!

If you need to know where to find formal wear, look here

White Tie
This is the ultra luxe of parties. Think high government or celebrity parties. If you're going to one of these, feel free to send me an invite! #lifegoals. Tux for men and floor length evening gowns for women. Glam it up with statement jewelry and quality shoes. 

Black Tie 
Slightly less formal than white tie, but still very formal. In addition to tuxedos and floor length gowns you can sneak in a very nice suit (suit and tux are different), shorter gowns and even some dressy little black dresses.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall Re-Style

I'm trying for a #noshopnovember (not off to a great start. Not even two weeks in and I'm dying) so I'm restyling things I've already styled. This white maxi shirt from Rebdolls was a summer fave of mine so I took it and warmed it up. You can see the Summer version here

I want to give a shout out (what is this, a radio call in from the 90s?) to Veronica from @veronicabesseyhair for the pictures. We are working on a collab in the future so get excited! She has an impressive resume including having been a national educator in the hair industry, a NY Fashion Week stylist, shes a brand ambassador for TIGI and more! I'm super excited to work with her to fully round out the full look presented to you. If youre in the Dallas area, she has a salon you may want to check out! 

Lets see, lets see... what else is going on? Well... I'll be heading to Houston this weekend to a meet and greet and pop up shop with Monif C. Definitely going to get some shopping in. Thats about a 4 hour drive, so I'm a little excited about the solo journey. Do you ever have those days when life is just kinda going a bit rough and youre driving in the car and think to yourself- I could just keep driving. I could just drive and drive and leave this all behind to become a grifter that lives on a beach somewhere and never have to shave my legs (and other things) ever again. Friday is going to be the day I get to drive and drive and leave it all behind (even if only for a weekend). The fact that I'll get to be doing what I love while I'm down there only makes it more exciting! Can't wait to share pics with you!

Outfit details:
White top: Rebdolls- size 3x
Shoes: Lane Bryant (last season)
Leggings: Torrid- size 4
Jacket: Modamix from Dia&Co- size 3x
Scarf- Torrid last season.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Fall For Maxi

Im going to start this off with, I know some of these dresses look atrocious- like (and sorry, Granny, for calling you out) the moo moos my Granny used to wear could have been in this line up if you just laid them flat. I promise they look much better on a body! A lot of them will even look even better on a fuller body than the model has. I also promise that if you put one on you wont age 60 years and start asking people to give you "some sugars". The southerners may be the only ones that laugh at that- but its because real old people always ask for "some sugars" when they want hugs and kisses. Maybe it was just my Granny...

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Chicken & Waffles

You know the days you feel like Chicken and Waffles but also like challenging some fat girl stereotypes? This is the perfect outfit. Roomy joggers to make room for food and 3 carafes of mimosas and a see through lace crop top to show whatchur workin with! It's a lot. I've got a lot to work. 

Top is F2F size 3x, pants are Asos Curve size 24 and shoes are Lane Bryant size 8- but kinda big. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

All Things Boyfriend

Todays Dia Style Challenge is All Things Boyfriend. Thankfully I'd invested in some boyfriend jeans when they first came around so I threw them on for the 2nd time in their lives and made 'em werk!

These distressed boyfriend jeans aren't my favorite fit because with as short as I am its tough getting any shape out of my outfit...except for Club Cracker (stubby rectangle). So I opted for a fitted top which is my favorite marble pattern. With my sticks in the background do I look like a woodsy counter top? Please say yes. 

Jeans (size 26) and shoes are Torrid; Top is Lane Bryant (size 24) and the scarf was a Christmas present last year. 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Lovin' Layers

Saturday was Lovin' Layers in my style challenge, it also happened to be a day we were supposed to go to a lash party and get our lashes done. Well, I left my house 45 min before I had to be where I was supposed to be (usually a 35 min drive) and hit traffic about 1/3 of the way in... where I sat for 3 hours. Needless to say, we missed our appointments and I needed a drink by the time I got to where I was going. A man had positioned himself on the pedestrian bridge and intended to end his life so they had to shut down the highway. Depression and suicide are incredibly serious issues and as someone who has struggled with them, I do have to say- please, before you shut entire highways down, think of the lashes!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Trendy Under Twenty: Costume Edition

Not even going to pretend like today's post isnt completely cheesy- because it is and I love it! Halloween is coming and I dont think I'm going to have a chance to dress up this year so I have to live vicariously through you. It was time for a Trendy Under $20 post and I thought- why not make it themed?! So I started and realized that super cheap costumes are all fairly cheesy and then embraced it and went full cheese. Youre welcome. Youre also welcome to stop taking me seriously as a blogger now because this is almost disgraceful.

You still have time to get this stuff shipped if you find something you happen to like. I definitely want to see your costumes this year though. Send them to me on Facebook and Twitter!

Vest | Angel Set | Striped Thigh-High | Steampunk Goggles | Tie Dye Tee | Lab Coat | Clown Kit

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bringing Booties Back

Lets all just ignore the hair stuck to my face. Especially now that I've drawn attention to it. Anyway... so I'm still doing the Dia Style Challenge (Why must October have 31 days!?) and it is really starting to become a challenge to make all these things happen with my one wardrobe. Also- I have so much black! I feel like I might need some color but then I think about how black makes me feel powerful and all the colors seem to not matter anymore.

The booties were fun, it was nice to grab these out of the closet for a change. They are a bit high, so I dont wear them to work and when I'm not at work I never feel like wearing heels so they just sit there and I gaze lovingly upon them. They were a clearance find a few years ago so I dont have a link for you, but similar booties would be easy to find.

The pants and top made a makeshift jumpsuit- which I love. Pants are joggers from Asos and the top was also from Asos. I dont love the top. I like the sheer but the sleeves are a bit tight in my upper arm and it has a banded bottom which is the nemesis of a big butt. I cant tell how I feel about the open front. I like it but it makes it hard to pair unless layered and that takes all the fun out of the sheer so I put on a nude bra and went for it.

Now... on that note. My cousin sent me something she saw online called The Bra Lab. They dont come in extended sizes but the company and I emailed back and forth a little bit and I made it known that the world needs that in plus size. I believe they go up to a 38D now (they emailed me when they added those sizes). Essentially they are pretty bras that dont hook like traditional bras so they are more of a cool enhancement for tops with unique cuts. If youre in that range- definitely check them out!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Dia&Co .Unboxing: October

  Link to Dia&Co:

Its that time of month again! My Dia box was waiting for me when I got back from vacation and I was super excited. This would have been a 4 out of 5 box had the sizing been right. Problem is that I'm on the top end of plus and a lot of brands I can fit into the largest size 50% of the time, and the other half is a sad, sad failure. Modamix is one of those. I like to still take the chance of getting that brand because when I get something I love- I really love it. 

You will notice in this box that the note I got includes some styling advice but the tags on the individual items are no longer, which is a little sad for me. I can see it being labor intensive, especially as they get beat up in the try on process for different women. Ideally as they work on the website they will have them there. I hear there are some pretty great changes planned for the site. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Leggings Tips

Leggings. My favorite form of pants. People get so worked up over leggings. Are they pants, are they not pants? Can you wear them alone? Can fat girls wear them at all? My answer to all these things is yes, but just like anything else, you have to do it right for maximum effectiveness. As always, you know that I strongly feel that you should wear what makes you happiest so the tips and tricks I list below are not hard rules but merely what I use as guidelines.

Most importantly- buy good quality leggings. You want leggings that are not even close to tights. The thinner the leggings, the more likely you are going to show your groceries to the world. Spend money on leggings if nothing else. Even the most expensive leggings are still fairly reasonable.  Do the "bend test" before you wear them out. If you can see through them when you bend over even a little, never wear them alone. Torrid does an okay job with leggings. Lane Bryant does better. 

If you're wearing them alone- darker colors work best. The lighter or shinier the leggings, the more they show. Listen, you don't get a booty as big as mine with no cellulite. I feel like that's pretty common sense so often I don't mind too much when it shows but some days I just don't feel like challenging the world's social norms. A light grey legging is perfect under a maxi-tee but worn alone it makes this booty look more like the moon.

Want to wear them as pants but aren't quite comfy with the booty out? Try a waist wrap. Fall is perfect for this look- especially in the transitional period when you need an extra layer in the morning or night. Try a basic grey tee- black leggings and then a plaid shirt tied around your waist for booty coverage.

Once you use them as a layering tool- under a skirt, with a long tunic etc etc, a lot of the "rules" become a moot point. You can get away with a lot more that way. Even tights. *wink*

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Faux Fur Vests

Keeping with the Dia Style Challenge of the day, Wild Wednesday- I wanted to give you some cold weather options- you know, since not everyone is in the tropical setting I am right now. (Also, I'm writing this way in advance- arent you impressed by my planning skills? I'm impressing myself a little here.)

Faux Fur Vests. Either love them or hate them it seems. These are extra trendy. I cant imagine how long they will be in for- so if youre not about to spend $200 on something you'll wear a few times, check out the more budget friendly options. I was out on the culotte trend but I'm here for the faux fur!

There is a trick to these. You need to keep everything else fairly simple to avoid looking like the Rhode Island girl stereotype. This is your statement- don't add boots with the fur to match- that's too much fur. That's rich 80's housewife at the ski lodge. Not what the goal is. Pair it with a simple dress or jumpsuit for something extra easy to get into the faux fur swing of things.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Take a Break

By the time you're reading this, I'll be on a boat in the middle of the ocean somewhere- hopefully not stranded- drinking a lot of flaming martinis and taking naps in my bathing suit. Today though, I'm sitting here writing this while also recovering from a particularly intense weekend. I've never been shy about admitting I was once a pretty extreme party girl- I went pretty hard in my early 20s. I've slowed way down as I've gotten older, but I can still hit a wild streak during times of stress here and there. I'm what I call a party-griever. You know that widow that goes out a week after her husbands death for a boob job, buys a six thousand dollar dress to go dance and drink entirely too much with strangers then has the whole town talking about her for years after? Yeah- that's me.

As I've gotten older I've learned better ways to handle stress that don't include drinking- and I'm sure my liver thanks me- but lately all of life's little (and some very large) stresses have been trying to knock me down. So here I am, bruised and sore from falling... literally (I still maintain that I've tripped over that same step 100 times sober, so it wasn't just because I had been drinking) and with no voice from taking late night drives with the top down screaming just to let it all out. I sound like a disaster, I know- and I kind of am one... but a fully functional adult disaster. I actually contemplated on not sharing it so you would still take me seriously but I fell back on my transparency policy. I cant preach what I don't practice. In a week or so you'll see me on white beaches with blue water but unless I shared with you what got me there- all you'd see was sparkle and I don't want people to only see and compare their lives with my sparkliest bits.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Fat Travel Anxiety: The List

So I'm getting ready to leave today for my trip! We have made it! I mentioned in my past post that I would put together this list along the way of all my fat anxiety items that I ran into while getting ready so here we are. Sorry if it is a little dark right before the weekend, but know that it isn't meant to be dark. I have a feeling all these issues will have happy endings in my post-trip Fat Anxiety Review.

I know some of these are irrational, but like I told you before... my anxiety isn't exactly rational.Does this list make me insecure? Maybe, but one of a human's basic needs is being accepted (thank you college psychology) and if anyone tells you they've never felt a little insecure they probably have a personality disorder. (I'm looking at you Kanye). Confidence and self acceptance are not always your first thoughts, they are the process of correcting those thoughts and overcoming them.

  1. I don't want to go scuba diving because I'm afraid of them not having a suit in my size. 
  2. I'm afraid the rooms will be small and I'll have to squeeze between the bed and the TV center every time.
  3. The balcony of my room is small- will I fit?
  4. Actually... ship doors are pretty small- I know I will fit, but how well?
  5. I'm so glad I dont have to fly- flying is so hard as a fat person. ***
  6. Id love to go to the spa, but will they have a robe that fits?
  7. ...will the masseuse mind my naked fatness?
  8.  Public pools. period.
  9. Am I going to break the pool furniture!? There is nothing scarier than that *creeeeaaakkkk* as you sit down.
  10. Can I find something casual to wear that also looks good? Jeans and a t-shirt is a challenge.
  11. If we do an excursion, will people look at me as if I cant make the hike? 
  12. If we do a tasting excursion, will people think, of course fatty did the food trip!
  13. How am I ever going to find 3 suits that I love that also cover what I want covered? 
Obviously I'm not the only one that has these thoughts before traveling- that picture up there is a post from the message boards where someone is inquiring about weight limits for the water slides. These are the things about being fat that people worry about but rarely talk about (notice it has almost 550 views). Even if nobody else notices, that creak from sitting down in a chair can be terrifying so I want to share my experience mentally beforehand and then the real life experience in action. Keep an eye out for a "result" post about a week after I get back!

***I flew for my NYC trip and I'll tell you about that!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Faux Fall

 Day 7 of the Dia Style Challenge is #FauxFall. You know how into faux leather I am so of course thats what I picked! The hardest part about this challenge is getting it all done every day while also not having to change too many times before work. Pairing a leather jacket with something work appropriate was definitely a challenge. I used my Asos Curve jumpsuit and the grid tee also from Asos (both size 24) as a base outfit and then added the jacket to take it from trendy profesh to trendy edgy.

Also, yes- thats Prissy in every picture. Shes this close to me at all times. Im going to have to invest in a leather doggy jacket.

The actual jacket is Modamix in a size 3x. I got it in one of my Dia&Co boxes- July I believe- and I love it! As soon as I pulled it out of the box I was like, well- this is it. This is the best day of my life.
More pictures after the jump>>>>

Monday, October 5, 2015

Trail Blazing

I feel like such a slacker lately! So with this Dia Style Challenge, I havent been doing my usual types of posts as often, so I wanted to see how you were feeling about it. Do you like it better? Do you like it less? It has been a lot of fun but with vacation coming up in 4 days (!!!) and this challenge it has been hard to run a separate blog post along side it. The numbers show that everyone seems to be enjoying it but there isnt anything better than getting real comments from you guys to learn how to grow better.

Friday, October 2, 2015

October Style Challenge

You saw the first post yesterday and maybe you wanted to also be in on the challenge. Youre in luck sir/ma'am! I've got the whole challenge here. I wont be doing every single day, but I'm going to do my best to get quite a few done- even while on vacation- because I love a challenge. I have been habitually checking the #diastylechallenge to see everyone's take on the day's theme.

Today is #collarqueen and I am rocking my double collar to honor the 2007 white boy (aka bro). You remember when they had like 4 polos on just to get all 4 collars popped. That was dedication. Youth is such a confusing time.

Anyway, I want to see what you guys do for the challenge- you dont have to do all of them, but definitely do some! There is surely something out of 31 days that you can work with.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bonus Post! #ThinkPink

Today starts Dia&Co's month of style challenges. First day of course being ‪#‎thinkpink‬ to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness. Show what pink you're wearing today with ‪#‎diastylechallenge‬ !

Also we all know I'm not usually a pink girl but stepping outside the comfort zone felt great. I'm always down for a challenge... As most innocent people of my morning commute can attest to.

Keep an eye out on my social media for the calendar of challenges and definitely tag me and hashtag the look if you want to show off your look!

Deets for the look: 
Top | Skirt | Belt
Necklace was through Dia&Co box.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#WeekendwithDia: The Weekend

See Also: Becoming A Brand Ambassador: The Overview

So now that I've given you a week off from Dia&Co news, I wanted to give an overview of the weekend. I want to express how grateful I am to the Dia&Co ladies for bringing me out to NYC for such an amazing experience. I truly had an amazing time and I hope the friends I made will last a lifetime!

If you haven't been keeping up, Dia&Co is a fairly new personal styling company out in New York for plus size women. Its similar to Gwennie Bee in the fact that you pay them a little something every month, every season or just whenever you want  and they send you a box of clothes but instead of just renting, you're actually buying the clothes. You don't have to buy everything- once you try the clothes on you keep what you like and send what you don't like back in a prepaid package. You can sign up here.

So now that we've got all that out of the way, on to the fun stuff. It was a blur of a weekend so I'm going to do the best I can at organizing my thoughts here. Oh and this is extra long and photo heavy so get ready for a long read!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Belt It Out

One of my favorite accessories is a waist belt. I wear them because my smallest part is my high waist and my biggest part is my tummy/butt area so sometimes ya gotta get some shape while still having coverage! Not to mention, I'm short and sometimes tops are too long, so a belt can help shorten it without having to permanently alter it.
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Friday, September 25, 2015

Sugar Coated

I went for real coats in this post, I can do moto jackets and lighter jackets if you guys would like in another post. I also didn't hit the down coats or the "super coats" as I call them because if you live in weather that cold, fashion is secondary to fighting the elements for the rights to your own life. No thanks, Mother Nature. 

When it comes to coats, less is rarely more. I'm talking money. Coats are an investment piece. They should last you years so pick something that will last both in quality and in style. I fudged that a little bit here because I wanted to give you options. I cant say that a cobalt blue coat will always be in style, but the clean lines on that one give it a +1 in the functionality department.   

If you have a fuller bust, a wrap coat is going to work a little better. That gives you the option for room more than the button closure.  If you have a fuller bum/hips (Elle Monus style)  a skirted or flared bottom will give you that nice snug fit up top and the extra room for your bottom half. If youre straight up and down, you can really go any way you'd like, but something with a nip in at the waist will give you a little curve.
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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Know Your Worth

This has been weighing heavily on my mind lately and we havent had just a chat in a week or so, so here we are. I posted a meme this morning about confidence, and I've been over that before so I just wanted to talk about a step that gets you from "they wont like it" to "I'll be fine if they dont." You have to know your own worth.

Its a huge task. Easily said, much harder in practice. I still find myself in a position of taking blame and devaluing my own accomplishments. I've always been the "scapegoat". It started when I was very young and my family was trying to find a reason for their dysfunction. I've been the scapegoat in many of my relationships and I'm certainly the scapegoat at work now and have been in the past.

With a history like that, I have to realize that there is a reason and the constant in all of those scenarios is me. Now, keep in mind that doesnt give anyone the right to treat me that way but I have to acknowledge that people treat you the way you allow. I consistently put myself in a position of challenging the status quo. I find potential in situations that are not ready to change. I'm a people pleaser. I want others to like me but more importantly I want them to like for themselves what I see in them.  It is my weakness but also one of my greatest strengths. I'm trucking along and then all of a sudden one day someone says something that triggers a real thought and I stop and think- wait a second... I've done it again. Then I have to work my way back out because I've gone so far in trying to get the other person where I think they should be that I've lost what makes me happy. I have valued them more than I value myself. Its an ongoing learning process for me but I'm getting there.

Why do I bring that up? Well, when I sit here and blog from behind a computer you guys each get your own meaning from it. If all I give you is a preachy "love yourself" "be body positive" script over and over it is easy to get frustrated with the fact that you may not be there or you're not confident all the time or you still have bad days. I think its incredibly important to be transparent with you. I'm not 100% there all the time either. If you have flaws it doesn't mean you aren't worthy.

I'll say it again for those in the back- if you have flaws, it doesnt mean you arent worthy. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

GNO: Girls Night Out- Also, Cleavage Tips

I wanted to give you guys a Dia break. I feel like its been all Dia all the time lately- so I'm going to hold off a few days on the weekend post. I have literally been going non-stop for a few weeks now so it is kind of nice to be able to go back to an OOTD post. The ole faithful.

This weekend it started cooling off here- finally. Friday night I crashed hard after the week before, then woke up Saturday ready for girls night! If you didnt see the hair/makeup selfie I took before, here it is for you. I left the house at 7 but started getting ready around like 2- there was a 2 hour nap in there, so dont judge me! You can judge a little- it still took fo'ever, but I felt great and there is no amount of time that isnt worth that.

If this bathroom selfie looks sketchy to you, that's because it is.  Deep Ellum is a neighborhood in Dallas known for its live music- and its rough around the edges charm. This particular bar is a metal/biker bar that we run into occasionally while we bar hop from place to place. Its also very dog friendly and I made friends with Louie the bulldog while drinking my vodka tonic. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

White After Labor Day

This picture makes me laugh- a lot. There is just so much going on! This is the outfit I wore to the panel last weekend, but we got started early that day and I had done about 75 flights of stairs (okay, 8 total by that point- 16 by the end of the day) so I was struggling! That explains my crazy hair. Poor Veronica had to save my life like 3 times that day with her hair and makeup skills. Next- look at my face! I'm so happy and overwhelmed by everything that Im just cheesing so hard. I dont even notice that I'm about to spill my drink... I didnt by the way. I could fall down all 4 stories of stairs and never spill my drink- an early 20s party trick.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My #WeekendwithDia | Becoming A Brand Ambassador: The Overview

I'm sure you all saw the pictures on my social media about my time in NYC this last weekend. If it seemed sudden, it kind of was. I wanted to be very clear with you guys about what I'm doing because being honest and transparent is important to me. I haven't sold out in less than a year- although, that would be an impressive time table and I am always striving for perfection.

I have a plan to break this into three parts for easier organization. I'll start with how it all started, how I ended up in NYC and some broad observations and facts I have as of now, and then I'll share everything about the weekend and by the time that post goes up, hopefully I'll have more information about where our relationship is headed in the future.

I've used this program almost since the beginning. I filled out a survey on GarnerStyle's website and got an email about beta testing for the company. I gave feedback as I bought the items in the boxes about the clothes, about the process and about the website; that went on for about a year. About a month or so ago, I got an email from them asking if I wanted to go to NYC to meet with them and 9 other women as a sort of focus group. I obviously said yes.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Fresh & Flirty

I felt super guilty about saying I wasnt going to be sticking to my MWF schedule this week so I thought I'd just give you guys the deets I promised on this outfit from the Dia&Co unboxing post from last week. I'm legitimately exhausted from the last week or so. The weekend in NYC was extremely stimulating and such a blast that it recharged and drained me all at the same time. It is going to take me a few days to get that recap post done...mostly because I'm still processing it in my little bumpkin brain. It certainly didn't feel like real life.

Here's the deal with this outfit, if you missed the unboxing post, I was trying on the clothes I got in my box and came across this skirt. It was too small and I didnt have a top to pair it with in the box that made it flattering. Guys, rolls were on full display. If you're okay with VBO (visible belly outline) then youre golden, but I get a lot of comments from you guys that request suggestions on how to dress to flatter what may be perceived as a problem area for you. I had been shopping at Torrid for their Labor Day sales and got these two tops so I threw them on with the skirt to make a bad into a rad (I just made that up as I went, isnt it cheesy and horrible!?)

Friday, September 11, 2015

Inside the Dressing Room | Nordstrom Rack

A couple weeks ago, Shelby and I went to Nordstrom Rack for the first time. I know, what were we waiting on?! Well, I didn't think their plus size selection would be very good. I wasn't wrong, but it was better than I thought.What you really need to go for is accessories. Holy Moses there was accessory heaven. They even have premium brand makeup there as the items are discontinued or packaging has changed. Urban Decay, Too Faced, etc etc. There were about 5 racks of plus size clothes, very few bottoms-even fewer in my size- but lots of tops. So Shelbert and I picked up a couple and headed to the world's tiniest dressing room.

The pictures aren't amazing, but when you shove two fat girls into a cube of about 8 sq feet, not only is picture space limited but you're lucky the whole building doesn't burn down due to a friction induced fire. Extreme, but you get what I'm saying. Shelby isn't much for the in front of the camera stuff, but I talked her into doing it for the blog since we are slightly differently built and you guys have mentioned wanting different body types. I'm much shorter and carry weight everywhere with a bit more in my tummy and butt. Shelby also carries in her tummy and butt (and maybe one size larger), but shes much more lean in her arms and legs. I can only rarely talk her out of a t-shirt and jeans when I'm always fully done in about six layers. Thats probably why we work so well- shes the chill to my no chill.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dia&Co. Unboxing | September 2015

Link to the box:
I've been a huge fan of Dia&Co. since the beginning so when they asked if I wanted to head out to NYC to meet with them and 9 other women as sort of a "focus group", of course I said yes! This month's box came just in time to keep the process fresh in my mind before the trip this weekend. I want to hear your thoughts! Let me know in the comments section your likes/dislikes, wants/dont wants and questions and concerns about this kind of company. I'll take what you want to know with me to the Dia&Co. headquarters and share it. It isn't every day that you get to have a say in what happens in the fashion industry- so speak up! 

Keep in mind that as we go, I have asked them to send me some things I wouldn't usually pick out for myself. It is a way that I keep myself from drowning in black, neutrals and metallics. I've got to be held accountable or I'll just get out of hand. I've said it before- but there really should be a whole team of people that are trained just to keep me from getting out of hand. I feel like I'm Mariah Carey Diva Status sometimes and that I was born to have a whole team just like those celebrities! Anyway, point of the story is (see what I mean? out of hand.)... sometimes you never know what you'll like until you put it on! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Right is Relative, But You'll Know When Youre There.

Lane Bryant is doing it again. They are trying out another hashtag. This time it is #plusisequal and I definitely get the sentiment behind it. They are trying, man they are trying to get it right, they just cant get there. They are like the mom that's not really a mom, but a cool mom. They've added some cool clothes in, started buying the pricier items to get a rep at the PTO meetings and now they are using our slang. I also understand that any publicity is good publicity (I'm currently taking celebrity applications for my sex tape. So you know, just let me know on that, Drake) so the fact that I'm talking about if they got it right or not is ultimately a win for them.

I hated the #imnoangel campaign. Yes I am plus and no I don't really fit the standards for being a VS Angel but please do not devalue another woman in order to make me feel good. It worked, it was a very successful marketing campaign actually- because a lot of the plus demographic still needs that "us against them" solidarity. This campaign comes much closer for me- granted we dont know exactly what it is just yet- but based on the knowledge we have so far, its a great concept. A huge portion of women being under served in the fashion industry is a travesty and it does need to change.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Faux-Leather Guide

Okay Faux pas may be a bit extreme, but I needed an F word. The point is, if you want to go for an edgy but classy look you really have to pick your fabrics. Edgy can go from classy to, I hate to say it but- trashy- real fast.

I know I preach "wear what you love" so if you disagree with what I say here, feel free to disregard. I'm here for the positivity and to also gently guide others that want to learn what looks best on days they dont really want to break all the rules. When I was 18, I could get away with ratty jeans, a rock t-shirt black and purple hair under a newsboy cap- now that I'm older and have a job where I meet with clients most of the day that ensemble doesn't work. I'm not saying its, right or fair- that's just how life works. People will look at you and make an assessment and you must portray yourself for whom you want to be seen. For me, on my own time (aka not business attire) a "classy but edgy" style works. I want the girl in line at Starbucks to know that I'm friendly enough to hold her place in line but wont put up with her bringing all her friends to cut in front of me.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fab Fall Accessories

Yesterday was the official start of Fall meteorologically speaking. (Don't say this isn't an educational blog.) As I'm sure you've noticed by my increasing mention of it, Fall is my favorite season. Granted here in Texas it is still in the high 90s- but I'm no longer in fear of walking outside and bursting into flames. Any progress is appreciated.  I'll be headed to NYC in a week to meet with Dia&Co. and I am expecting an even better version of Fall there so I'm extra excited. You better get ready for pictures!
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