Thursday, September 22, 2016

Look A Little Closer

Go ahead. Lean in and look a little closer! This was my outfit for day number two of hosting Dia Stylist Orientation. The guy in the elevator with me was impressed... so impressed that he insisted on lifting his shirt and showing me his new chest tattoo of a naked woman. Sir. 1.) that's inappropriate elevator etiquette- all clothes must stay on. That's right there with keep all hands and feet inside until the ride is over! and 2.) (and this is totally personal preference) The last thing I want to see on a shirtless man is a poorly drawn woman with a largely disproportionate set of breasts. It makes that weird smile you're giving me even creepier. I digress-

You know I love all black and you know I love lace. You know I love anything sheer and anything that makes you look twice. This outfit has it all. The top is a crop top you've seen before from Fashion to Figure. The skirt is a new one from the Christian Siriano collection for Lane Bryant.

(Top is a size 3; skirt is a size 24)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Red, White & Blog

If you can get over the fact this is a selfie and my laptop cord is making an appearance, this is a pretty great little outfit. Listen, nobody said blog life was easy... sometimes you're feeling a selfie as you run out the door for work. Why do I not have a professional photographer with me at all times!?

Every part of this outfit has a story I love so it makes me happy just wearing it. I think thats an important part of style and why I love it so much. Every piece creates a story that makes up who you are and who you get to present to the world.

The skirt (size 24): When I was in NYC recently, I stopped by Hey Gorgeous NY for a styling session. Veronica and I met Ashby there where she had racks pulled in our sizes with items she thought we would like. We had the best time! She picked out this skirt for me and I was instantly in love. It is a Modamix skirt and Modamix is probably my fav brand quality/style wise (Sorry Asos, they just have you beat by a bit on quality). Originally about $100, I picked this skirt up for about $40. They even shipped it to me for free because I didnt save room in my luggage for shopping- I wasnt thinking.. too busy over-packing.

Thursday, June 9, 2016


It's Saturday, boo! If you have a non-traditional work schedule and this means nothing to you, know that I worked all day today and hit magic hour for a few poses in this fit. 

This is me at the end of the day. Actually, I had to pull my hair out of a pony tail and put my heels back on to go out on the balcony. Most of the time I look more defeated with makeup smeared and hair shoved back and disheveled. Goes to show what an outfit can do for a girl. 

The whole top is from Asos. Long line vest and dip back top. My favorite thing to do is layer. I like to play with different textures and lengths. The grey top even peeks out the bottom of the back. It adds so much interest for a perfectly put together look. 

Best part about this outfit? It gives options. The grey top is super light and slouchy. Leave off the belt, vest and heels, opt for some sneaks and you have a casual but edgy run around look. (you may get a visual of that next)

Funny story, I live in a high rise as you can tell so I have to take Priss the dog down to potty in the mornings right after I wake up. I usually wipe any leftover mascara off my cheek (i know, I know) throw my hair back up and opt for the "I woke up like this" Beyonce look in case I run into a hottie in the elevator... There are plenty. I had this top on, tied up and to the side with my pj pants and definitely ran into a hottie, a lady with her dog and important business man number one. Little did I realize when I threw it on, it was extra slouch and my girls were on display (they looked good though, girl!)!! I faced the front and tried to discretely cover my cleavage but the whole elevator is mirrored sooooo.... It was too late. The party was already started at 7am!