Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Plus Prom Picks

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Since I did a full on post last year for where to find prom wear (linked above), I decided to just do a few of my favorite picks this year. Oh my gatos. I'm so jealous of all the options now! When I went to prom there was NOTHING plus size to pick from. I capitalized that because I'm yelling in my head. I'm pretty sure I told you about my baked potato dress in my last years post. I tried to play it off as 20s/art deco inspired but I looked like someone re-used foil to wrap up a potato for baking. I did have one good dress my junior year- but I lost all credibility that last year.

- check out Asos for cheaper options. They wont be quite as formal, but they will do the job for a significantly lower price.
- don't be afraid to look at bridesmaids dresses. You can definitely tell some dresses are meant for weddings but don't count one out just because it isnt marked for prom.
- please stay out of the formal shops inside malls if you want to keep your sanity. The mark ups are huge and the quality and selection is usually fairly low for plus girls. Not to mention the sales pressure is usually on full tilt there.
-start shopping now! The sooner you start looking, the less stress you have about getting it shipped in time. Online shipping is a breeze compared to the waiting time you have if you order at a boutique (you're looking at 6-10 weeks. Insane, right!?)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Tips for Outlet Shopping

I promise some outfit posts will be coming back, this blog/work/single life has got me like whoa lately. I have to give the former male props where they are due, having him around for outfit shots was quite helpful. Prissy (the poodle) tends to have a shaky paw... that and she is less than a foot tall and that's just not a good angle for me or my chin.

As you may have seen on my IG/Facebook last week (are you following me there, because you should be!) I used my rainy day off to go shopping at the outlets. Having a random week day off is actually pretty nice because shopping with no crowds? I'm there for it!! I put together a little list of do's and dont's for you so the next time you're searching for a steal you actually get one!

-try everything on. Same styles in the same size will fit differently. A lot of what goes to outlets is overstock, but they will throw in the items that have small design flaws like a size that fits too small or a slightly wonky cut or seam. I tried on four of the same pair of pants in the same size and only 2 fit.

-hit the sales. outlets often have to get rid of what they have before they get new stuff in so they will have big sales to clear out old inventory. You obviously have the holiday sales, but that is always when its the most packed. Make friends with the associates and ask if/when they usually try to "clean house".

-learn your discount store levels. There is a hierarchy, for example around me pricing is highest for in season items in the named store. Then there are the named store outlets. Then there are stores like TJ Maxx and Ross. THEN there are even further discounted stores like DD's discounts (which is the TJMaxx of TJMaxx). I'll rarely find big names in the super discount stores, but I'll find the same Chinese Laundry shoes I saw today at Rack Room Shoe Outlet for $40 for $6.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dressing For Your Shape

I'm going to start this off with the disclaimer that I don't truly subscribe to dressing to flatter all the time. If it makes you feel great, I say wear it but I do understand that attitude doesnt work in all settings and some people simply arent there yet. This is one of my most requested posts, so here it is: Dressing For Your Shape.

If you Google "body types" You'll find dozens upon dozens of names for the same 5 shapes. Lollipop? Really? What does that even mean!? Big head and a stick for a body? Thats unfortunate. I went with the basics to make this easier for everyone.

If you want to use me as a comparison, I am somewhere between an hourglass and a pear. My waist is noticeably smaller than both my bust and hips, but my hips are larger than my bust when you add in the big booty.

The pictures here for you are from the sites of each blogger, click them to be directed to their sites. I promise you wont be disappointed!

What is it: An hourglass is the bust and waist that are essentially the same measurement with a waist that is noticeably smaller. I read one time that the "ideal" ratio is a waist 8" less than both the bust and hips. (remember we are measuring around these body parts to get the numbers.) I think that number is a bit silly so I just go with "noticeable" as the determining factor.

Who has it:Boardroom Blonde
How to flatter it: Pick items that cinch in the middle. Natural waistlines, Pencil skirts,

What is it: A pear is when you carry your weight towards your hips/thighs/butt.

Who has it: Chastity of GarnerStyle

How to flatter it: Create balance on top. Tops with detailed necklines to draw your eyes up. Try this years trend of ruffled necklines or a bold pattern top with a basic bottom.

What is it: Apple bodies carry weight in their middle or waist- think round tummy or midsection.

Who has it: Amanda Allison

How to flatter it: Fit and flare skirts, high waistlines and tops with flow towards the bottom.

What is it: Minimal noticeable curves, even measurements in bust, waist and hips.

Who has it: Nicolette Mason

How to flatter it: Work the shift dresses! Pick items with patterns or cuts that give the illusion of curves such as peplum tops or skirts.

Inverted Triangle:
What it is: An inverted triangle carries most of her weight up top. Very busty, smaller waist and hips.

Who has it; MonifC

How to flatter it: fitted tops, v-necklines and voluminous bottoms.