Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dia Style Resolution | Contest

First of all- how Dia-licious am I here!? You know, sometimes I'm so cheesy it hurts. It was between that and "Dia&Co from my head to the flo". Bad things happen when I'm left to my own devices.

Dia sent me some swag for being a brand ambassador, and for that I say thanks! I may just wear one at a time from now on because I look a little white-guy NYC tourist here. Its just in time for the new year and the Dia Style Resolution Contest. You can see how to win $100 towards your next Dia purchase after the jump (meaning, click "see more" below).

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My new year's style resolution is to say yes more. Yes to bold lips. Yes to bold accents and yes to life. No is still going to apply to bad online dates and kissing strangers in bars. Sorry everyone.

Ok, so this kimono and these shoes are coming up in a post next week- so if you want the deets, check them there.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Guide To Interview Attire

One of the questions I get the most is how to dress when you are going for an interview. Basic life skills, guys- you have to know it. Obviously everyone knows you want to look your best, but what is considered professional? Whats business casual? Should you always interview in a suit? As someone that has been both interviewed and done the interviewing, there are keys to being successful. I'm here to feed you, baby birds.

When you land an interview- research the company. Always. You should never not know what you're walking into. Look for the office culture, see if there are professional pictures of the staff and pick up a few basic facts about the company to impress the interviewer with if they ask if you checked them out. The first two items I mentioned are what we need right now, the third was just a friendly life tip because I care about you.

Professional pictures will tell you what you should interview in for the most part. You know the ones, everyone has to put on their suit and shove into uncomfortable spaces next to the coworkers they only like because they have to and then smile at the cheesy photographer when he says, "say 'load paper!" You can just see the pain in their eyes, but that picture is also telling you what their ideal image is for the company. Be that image. It may not be what you will have to wear every day, but you should always dress one level "up" from their daily attire. Lets hit those next:

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dia&Co Unboxing: December 2015

New format!! Are you stoked?! Be easy with me, my editing skills are still new. We are growing together! Okay, so Dia&Co December box... see what I got in the video. I didn't try them on this time, is that something that you miss? Would just doing outfit posts with the pieces later be a good option for you?

Also, how hilarious is the face I'm making!? Apparently you have to be verified on YouTube to pick custom thumbnails, so until then- funny faces. I think we can all agree that is hilariously tragic.

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

All That Glitters

I said I was going to have this up last week, but then I got distracted. I've been binge watching my shows on Prime, yes I have Amazon prime, I don't like to brag. 😉 I highly suggest you watch Transparent and the mini-docuseries called This Is Me. It has kept me from being productive. We all have flaws- can I live!? Annyywaayyy....New Years is coming up and this is the time for sequins! 

Most of these items are Asos, because I mean they just got out of control this year with the sequins, but in a good way. Lane Bryant actually got a few hits in too this year. I know I keep bragging on them, but they are starting to get it right consistently these days. 

I think my favorite out of the bunch would be the sequin tee and black ripped knee jeans. Cobalt blue is my favorite accent color. It's the perfect mix of edgy and trendy chic. You could easily switch the blue out for black and have something a little less edgy and a bit more  sexy. 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

You Dont Have to be Nice

Ok, so yes- we should all strive to be loving and kind humans. Love people, accept people for who they are and treat them kindly whenever possible. There is a thing though that I've been noticing lately. One of my friends mentioned her struggle with it and I noticed today that I catch myself doing it- apologizing or being nice when boundaries are crossed.

As plus size women, we are often taught that just existing is a problem. That being fat is something we must apologize for and so we do our best to make ourselves as agreeable as possible so that we dont offend someone. "If you'd just lose a little weight, you could have any man you wanted!" Its something I've heard many, many times. Id be lying if it didnt make me incredibly insecure at the time. I didnt realize how deeply rooted it was in how I interacted with people until I started dating again. I find myself being extra nice, sometimes when lines are crossed, just so I dont upset someone that could use my fatness as an excuse to get out.

If you've done any online dating, like- Tinder for example- you know that it is the absolute worst of people. So when I got this message on a dating app it wasnt shocking. How I reacted to it was.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Fall Into Color

Sundays are my fundays. I usually run out to brunch with a friend and then spend the day shopping or drinking some more before heading home to get ready for the week. Its the perfect start to a week. This week I met up with Veronica for brunch so that we could work on a schedule for our upcoming collab. Our super cute server, John, kept the mimosas flowing while I made notes in my little notepad and maybe drew little hearts around his name- it was a good Sunday and not at all creepy.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Holiday Picks Under $100

So you saw the top Holiday Picks on Monday, but what if you're on a budget for the Holiday party outfits? There are presents that have to be bought and not to mention a New Years Eve outfit is on the list (don't worry, I've got you covered there next week). Maybe all those dresses were too much for you? Boo- I got you! Today we are taking baby steps. You know, if baby steps were super hot and also affordable. (Some of these fall under $100 with current sales.)

I know I've mentioned my love for jumpsuits before but listen- get in on it! They probably wont be around forever so the sooner you learn to love them, the better. The trick is to find a cut that works for your body. I have to be careful because my butt is so much larger than the rest of my body that I sometimes cant get a waist that fits my waist to fit over my butt in the pulling on process. So I pick stretchy fabrics or a wide top opening. A jumpsuit takes pants to next level chic. You'll look dressier if youre a little on the trendy side in a one-piece.
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