Thursday, September 22, 2016

Look A Little Closer

Go ahead. Lean in and look a little closer! This was my outfit for day number two of hosting Dia Stylist Orientation. The guy in the elevator with me was impressed... so impressed that he insisted on lifting his shirt and showing me his new chest tattoo of a naked woman. Sir. 1.) that's inappropriate elevator etiquette- all clothes must stay on. That's right there with keep all hands and feet inside until the ride is over! and 2.) (and this is totally personal preference) The last thing I want to see on a shirtless man is a poorly drawn woman with a largely disproportionate set of breasts. It makes that weird smile you're giving me even creepier. I digress-

You know I love all black and you know I love lace. You know I love anything sheer and anything that makes you look twice. This outfit has it all. The top is a crop top you've seen before from Fashion to Figure. The skirt is a new one from the Christian Siriano collection for Lane Bryant.

(Top is a size 3; skirt is a size 24)