Friday, July 24, 2015

Dia&Co. Unboxing: July
Link to the box:
Oh my heavens. I love just about everything in the box this month! You'll even see the note that says they picked a jacket from my Pinterest board. Yes please! Love it! I'm working on a new platform for this kind of post- its just tough getting the pics in during the week! I usually get my box on a Monday and have to have it back by Friday and amongst running between two cities for work, cooking dinner when I get home and getting all my beauty rest- I run out of daylight for pictures really fast! Not to mention the energy to do a real photoshoot. I dont know how some of these bloggers do it- better women than I! Back to the important part- they got the edgy classy thing so, so right! Also, a lot of these looks do better with shoes on your feet but boo- once I kick off the heels for the night, its all over. Imagine shoes.

OH! and don't forget- if you see something you love, you can request it in your own box! How amazing is that!? I literally couldn't love this program any more than I do. I compare it to Gwennie Bee because I usually end up spending the same amount I would to rent clothes and I get to try several things on but actually get to keep something forever. I'm all about investments.

Modamix Moto Jacket with Faux-Leather Detail/ Jet Black 22/24/ 265/ $149
Well, guys. I'm officially in love... with a jacket. I've been wanting this exact style jacket for a while, I just never made the commitment. The best part is that the faux-leather doesnt look that faux. I hate the plastic looking faux leather- perhaps because I come by my dirty biker ways honestly (thanks Dad) or just because I dont like anything that looks cheap. Either way, it fits well- it looks great and I'm going to be ready for Fall!

ASOS Curve Striped Bardot Sleeveless Dress/ Black/White 22/ 1448/ $63
The fit of this dress is amazing. If it had sleeves I would be allllll over it. It would look amazing with a blazer, but I am about dress with a blazer-ed out. Honestly I almost kept it too- but then I remembered I have a vacation to pay for!

Asos Curve 3/4 Sleeve Blouse with Pin Tuck Detail/ Rust 24/ 2004/ $50  
I have this style shirt in like 75 colors now. They just transition so easy and this color is perfect. I wear them for work all the time with slacks or a skirt, tucked or untucked or out for a casual day with jeans untucked and maybe a belt for shape. This one is long enough to put with leggings and some boots for Fall. The options are endless. There is no stretch though because it is more like a chiffon, so keep that in mind.

Story time: I was running late for work on Wednesday (because of course I was) and I was having the usual "I have nothing to wear!" crisis so I was like, "box!". I picked this shirt out, paired it with a belt to shorten it and give it shape, a blazer and slacks and off I went. So through the day I decide that food that drips was a good idea- and I got three stains on the new shirt. Who. Does. That!? I do that.

Modamix Tulip Skirt/ Black 4X/ 1213/ $55  
I (also) liked this skirt. Its tough to tell from the picture, but it has great detail. Perfect length, perfect drape, perfect color. I did not keep it because I had to make choices! $300 in clothes this month just wasn't in the budget! 

 Josephine Necklace/ Gold / 1711/ $32 
I'm enjoying the jewelry option in the boxes, especially because I am not one to see jewelry and try it on. I'm not a super fan of this necklace, but it certainly isnt terrible.

Overall, it was a huge win this month. Maybe not for my bank account, but we all make sacrifices for love. You can check out Dia&Co. here.